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Ghaziabad: Suleman arrested for molesting an 8-year-old Hindu girl, charged under POCSO Act

The Ghaziabad police has launched a case and invoked Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act against the accused.

‘The Kerala Story’-like incident in Ghaziabad: Minor Hindu girl lured by her Muslim friend found with Rahisuddin, was drugged and reportedly raped

Rahisuddin's aunt and sister were also complicit in the crime against the 15-year-old Hindu girl in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

‘We Muslims just have fun with a cha**ri like you’: Muslim man pretends to be Hindu, rapes, forces victim to have abortion, says won’t...

Love Jihad: Muslim man pretended to be Hindu and raped a woman - after his identity was revealed, he hurls casteist abuse

UP: Man pretends to be IRS officer on matrimonial website, dupes a woman DSP into marrying him, arrested

DSP Shrestha Thakur, also known as 'Lady Singham', was led to believe that Rohit Raj was an IRS officer from the 2008 batch.

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation passes proposal for name change: Read what are the three names under consideration

Speaking on the development, Ghaziabad Mayor Sunita Dayal said a lot of people have been demanding a name change for the district.

Uttar Pradesh: Mohammad Wasim of Ghaziabad arrested for using derogatory language, threats for CM Yogi Adityanath

Mohamad Wasim said, "Yogi himself is a goon. We are Muslims. Will he (Yogi Adityanath) finish all the Muslims? His 90 generations cannot eliminate us. Has Yogi landed from the skies?"

Uttar Pradesh: Ali Siddiqui poses as Monu Yadav to lure a minor into a love trap and then rape her, arrested and booked under...

Upon interrogation, Ali Siddiqui confessed that he had assumed the identity of Monu Yadav to gain the teenager's trust and befriend her.

Ghaziabad: Brothers Sufiyan and Mahtab strangle sister Sheeba to death for love affair with Hindu boy, body dumped in canal

Mahtab and Sufiyan brought Sheeba to Muradnagar's Ganganahar in Ghaziabad on the pretext of taking her for a ride. Here they strangled Sheeba to death and threw the body in the Ganganagar (canal).

Ghaziabad: Locals discover four-foot-deep pit under boundary wall of Hindan Air Base; probe launched

A tunnel-like structure was discovered by locals under Hindan Air Base wall, triggering concerns of safety and security at India's military bases.

Ghaziabad: Teacher at Holy Trinity Church school smears student’s face with fluid for writing Jai Shri Ram, Bajrang Dal protests

The teacher in her apology letter claimed that she only put two dots of fluid on the student's face and that she did not have any ill-intentions

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