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Arms found hidden in a closed house, 2 hand grenades, 22-25 used cartridges recovered by Gurugram police, investigation on

The search was conducted based on inputs that a huge cache of illegal arms and ammunition were stashed in an abandoned building near a CNG petrol pump in Gurugram Sector 31

‘Main bahut ku*** cheez hoon’: Who is Ayushi Bhatia who was arrested by Gurugram police for filing 8 fake rapes cases against 8 men...

The Gurugram Police busted a 'honey trapping' racket, arresting one Ayushi Bhatia accused of filing 8 fake rape cases against 8 different men

Video clip from R Madhavan starrer #Decoupled goes viral where he is seen arguing with a man doing Namaz at airport

In the scene, Arya Iyer, a successful novel writer, is seen entering a 'prayer room' at the Delhi airport to find a space to do some stretching exercises because he has been suffering from back pain.

Hindus can be good only as Dhimmis – what an article ‘defending namaz’ on Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint ended up arguing

Conscientious locals and residents have been resolutely protesting against the public offering of namaz by Muslims in Gurugram

NDTV journalist Mohammad Ghazali targets Hindus for protesting Namaz in public space, accuses them of spreading venom

The NDTV journalist did not find anything wrong with the behaviour of his co-religionists creating law and order situation in the area.

RTI query filed to get details of ‘namaz spots’ at public places decided by ‘Hindu Muslim mutual understanding’ as claimed by Gurugram Police

After Gurugram Police said namaz spots were decided on Hindu-Muslim mutual understanding, RTI filed to get details of such spots

‘Can we encroach public land by mutual understanding?’ Gurugram Police’s justification for public namaz sparks outrage

Gurugram Police justified the public offering of namaz, claiming that namaz spots in public places have been decided after 'mutual agreement' between Hindu and Muslim communities.

Journalist Madhu Trehan’s husband, Naresh Trehan, booked for forgery and money laundering: Here is all you need to know

The complainant said that Naresh Trehan had flouted advertisement terms in pursuit of his personal agenda.

Lies, deceit and threat: Read how Indira and Sanjay Gandhi pulled off the Maruti scam

Indira Gandhi and her government had gone out of the way to facilitate Sanjay's Maruti scam. At every stage, rules were bent, officials were threatened and coerced into catering to Sanjay Gandhi's whims.

Haryana: Women harassed by Muslim youths during Kanwar yatra, protesting companions beaten up

Israel, Asif, Hussain, Nauman, Zubair, Subbe, Naeem and Hashim harras girls during kanwar yatra in Haryana, beats up companions who had protested it

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