Tuesday, August 9, 2022



The ‘liberals’ mocking Vashudev over his boycott call for Qatar Airways exposes how those ‘fighting for equality’ are deeply classist

"I request you to boycott the goods from Qatar, including Qatar Airways," Twitter user Vashudev had appealed in a video

USA: Americans vent their anger against Putin on Russian restaurants, many are actually run by Ukrainians

Russian Restaurants in New York City facing hate amidst Russian military action against Ukraine

Islamists leave hateful comments on posts of Pakistani politicians and celebrities condoling the death of Lata Mangeshkar

Islamists post hateful messages as comments under grief posts by Pakistani celebs and leaders on Lata Mangeshkar's death

Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP and RSS of spreading hatred using Hindutva, says Hindutva is not Hinduism

Rahul Gandhi said that while the scriptures of Hinduism did not suggest killing of an innocent, the ideology of Hindutva supports it

UP: Fruit vendor Md Farman caught spitting on cut watermelons, arrested by Muzaffarnagar Police

Muzaffarnagar police have informed that the accused Md Farman has been arrested.

‘Liberals’ always dehumanise their opponents: Did it surprise you that liberals celebrated the passing of Rohit Sardana?

Yesterday, 'liberal' Twitter erupted in cheers as news of the death of journalist Rohit Sardana spread everywhere

Canada: Hate crimes against Asians go up by 717%, 97 per cent increase in overall crime in Vancouver last year

The Vancouver police data said that anti-Asian hate crimes rose from 12 cases in 2019 to 142 such incidents in 2020, a 717 per cent increase.

If people who are driven by ‘hateful’ ideologies can’t love their partners, does Ravish Kumar no longer love his wife?

Who exactly has hate in his heart, Ravish? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Tamil Nadu: Political party behind beef fests issues threats to Marwari community for funding BJP, asks them to leave the state

'Tamizhaga Makkal Jananayaka Katchi' has accused the Marwari community of fomenting 'communal' unrest in Tamil Nadu

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