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Health drinks

Horlicks not a ‘health drink’ anymore, rebranded as ‘functional nutritional drink’: Know what happened and what it means

HUL drops health drink label for Horlicks, Boost after govt directions against the label, rebrands it 'functional nutritional drink'

Government instructs e-commerce platforms to remove drinks and beverages including Bournvita from ‘Health Drink’ category

The ministry cited a finding by the child rights body NCPCR that there is no beverage category called Health Drink under the rules.

8 months after the controversy over high sugar content in Bournvita, the company reduces it by 14.4% – Everything you need to know

Bournvita has been surrounded by controversy over the added sugar content and misleading ads since food vlogger and social media activist Revant Himatsingka (foodpharmer) highlighted high sugar content in the product.

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