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“Swati Maliwal went to Kejriwal’s residence as part of BJP’s conspiracy”: AAP leader Atishi attacks party MP, Maliwal hits back threatening to expose secrets

Swati Maliwal said that the party gave into pressure and the entire party is questioning her character to save a goon. Swati said, "Do character assassination as much as possible, the truth will come out when the time comes!"

The Aam Adami Party has officially jumped to defend its national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s PA Bibhav Kumar and alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party used Swati Maliwal to frame the party’s chief as they are worried after his release from Tihar Jail. AAP referred to the allegations made by Swati Maliwal of assault by Bibhav Kumar at CM’s residence as “baseless” and said that Bibhav Kumar has also launched a complaint with the Delhi Police.

Atishi Marlena, Minister of Education, P.W.D, Culture and Tourism in the Delhi Government, launched the party’s attack on the party’s Rajya Sabha MO at a press conference held on 17 May, after a video from the CM’s residence from 13th May emerged, where Swati Maliwal was seen arguing with security personal over denial of meeting with the CM. AAP has claimed that the video proves that Swati’s allegations of assault on her are false.

Atishi alleged, “Bharatiya Janata Party is anxious since Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has come out on bail after the false allegations levelled at him by the party. That is why the BJP conspired to send Swati Maliwal to his house on the morning of 13th May. They wanted to charge Arvind Kejriwal with fake accusations. Swati Maliwal was a pawn and a face of the plot. She went to the chief minister’s residence unannounced and without taking any appointments. She wanted to accuse him. However, he was not available then and was saved. She then accused Bibhav Kumar but a video of the drawing room of the chief minister’s house has surfaced today which has exposed her lies in front of the whole country.”

She claimed, “She complained that she was brutally assaulted with kicks and punches in her FIR (First Information Report) and its factsheet which was filed with the Delhi Police. She received head injuries, was crying in pain and wasn’t able to speak. She repeatedly told the police that she had been beaten. She submitted that her head was bashed on a table, her clothes were torn and her shirt’s buttons were ripped. She has mentioned all of this in her charges but the footage which came to light today is entirely opposite of it and reveals the reality. Swati Maliwal was sitting rather comfortably in the drawing room and intimidating as well as threatening the police officials in a loud voice. She also threatened and abused Bibhav Kumar who she has accused. Her outfit is not tattered. There are no visible wounds on her head. The only thing which is apparent is that she is intimidating the cops and Bibhav Kumar in a loud voice.”

The AAP leader further said, “She didn’t even mention that she was touched inappropriately and was attacked by anyone. Hence, the video has proved that all the charges of assault are baseless and bogus. Bibhav Kumar has registered a complaint against Swati Maliwal with the Delhi Police and he has clearly stated the sequence of events which transpired on 13th May.”

Atishi said that Swati Maliwal went to meet Arvind Kejriwal on Monday morning without an appointment, and that’s why she was not allowed to enter the CM’s residence. She further stated that when Swati tried to forced her way into the residential quarters of the premises, Bibhav Kumar stoped her and asked the security to escort her out. Narrating AAP’s version of the incident, Atishi said, “On the morning of 13th May Swati Maliwal arrived at the chief minister’s house without prior appointment. She told security that she had an appointment with the chief minister when they questioned her about her identity and the reason behind her visit. They found out that there was no such arrangement when they cross-checked in the office and stopped her at the gate.”

She further charged, “However, she threatened the cops that ‘I am a Rajya Sabah MP and if you don’t let me go inside I have the authority to get you fired.’ She fought with the police personnel and entered the campus of the chief minister’s house. Officials reiterated that she didn’t have an appointment and could not be allowed inside and took her to the waiting room, which is outside the chief minister’s house. She was again told that she lacked an appointment for today. She sat there for some time and forcefully reached the main building where the chief minister and his family stay and sat in the drawing room. She insisted on calling the chief minister right now because she wanted to meet him there and then.”

Atishi Marlena questioned, “Now you tell me, Swati Maliwal is a Rajya Sabha MP, doesn’t she know the procedure to make an appointment to meet the chief minister? Is she unaware that the chief minister has a busy schedule and can’t be available? Why had she barged into the chief minister’s residence early in the morning, sat there, and pushed on seeing the chief minister? The residence’s staff then dialled called Kumar and he came there after 10-15 minutes. He informed her that the chief minister would not be able to meet her today as he was not accessible. Swati Maliwal then started arguing with him in a loud voice and attempted to breach into the inner area of the house. He blocked her way and she tried to push him but he stood there and didn’t let her go inside. He then went outside and called the security staff of the chief minister’s office and told them to escort her out of there.”

Atishi added, “The entire incident has proved one thing that it was a conspiracy by the BJP and Swati Maliwal was its face. She broke into the chief minister’s house early in the morning with the intention of trapping him. It is also proved by the fact that she went to the police station from the chief minister’s residence and they asked her to do MLC (medico-legal case) but she refused. Afterwards, three days later, BJP once again put Swati Maliwal on the forefront with a fresh lie but this entire occurrence and the video we saw today in which she threatened the police and Bibhav Kumar while sitting on the sofa demonstrate that all her allegations are unfounded. Her falsehoods and the BJP’s plot are exposed in the video.”

Notably, on 14th May Senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh confirmed that Swati Maliwal was assaulted yesterday at the residence of the Delhi Chief Minister. However, when Atishi Marlena was questioned about it she claimed, “When Sanjay Singh watched that Swati Maliwal complained to the police on the media and met her, however, he only had her side of the story until then. Now, he knows Bibhav Kumar’s side as well and most importantly the video is out there, establishing beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of the charges in the FIR are completely fraudulent.” She conveniently dodged the question about Arvind Kejriwal’s ominous silence on the issue and again repeated the same points about the video and accused Swati Maliwal of framing Bibhav Kumar before abruptly abandoning the press conference.

“Yesterday, a condemnable incident took place. Swati Maliwal had gone to Arvind Kejriwal’s residence to meet him. While she was waiting for him in the drawing room, Vaibhav Kumar allegedly misbehaved with her. The CM has taken cognisance of the matter, and he will take appropriate action,” Sanjay Singh had noted and assured that the party is with her and Arvind Kejriwal also took cognisance of the matter and would take appropriate action against the accused. Notably, on 13th May, Swati Maliwal, the AAP Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chief accused Bibhav Kumar, the personal assistant of Arvind Kejriwal of assaulting her inside the Chief Minister’s residence and also lodged an FIR against him.

Swati Maliwal hits back

After the press conference by Atishi accusing Swati Maliwal of acting on behalf of BJP, the Rajya Sabha MP responded by saying that a newcomer in the party called someone who has been working for the party for 20 years a BJP agent. Without taking any names, she said, ‘this gunda is threatening the party, that is why he is roaming around in Lucknow and everywhere under shelter.’ Notably, on Wednesday, Bibhav Kumar was spotted with Arvind Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh at Lucknow airport.

Notably, Maliwal also said that if she is arrested, she will expose all the secrets .

She added that the party gave into his pressure and the entire party is questioning her character to save the goon. Swati said, “Do character assassination as much as possible, the truth will come out when the time comes!”

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