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New Yorker journalist attacks chief of Hindu American Foundation on Twitter, gets called out by Netizens for his racist and Hinduphobic comment

Isaac Chotiner, a staff writer at The New Yorker, launched an unprovoked attack on Suhag A Shukla, co-founder and executive director of advocacy organisation Hindu American Foundation

Audrey Truschke repeats lie debunked in court, says belly of pregnant Muslim woman was cut during Gujarat riots: Here are the facts

Audrey Truschke repeats familiar lies about Gujarat riots that Islamists and left-liberals kept repeating, despite being proven false in courts

Democratic party unit in New Jersey displays open Hinduphobia, seeks FBI and CIA probe against Hindu organisations calling them “hate groups”

Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee demands FBI and CIA probe into American branches of Hindu groups

The University of Chicago’s fellowship to Rana Ayyub should come as no surprise as they had already revealed their Hinduphobic leanings: Details

Rana Ayyub recently took to Twitter to announce her fellowship with the University of Chicago.

Toronto Metropolitan University issues apology for platforming maker of Hinduphobic film ‘Kaali’, disassociates itself from Leena Manimekalai

The Toronto Metropolitan University has tendered an apology for having its name associated with the film Kaali and the Hinduphobic poster created by filmmaker Leena Manimekalai to promote her film

Indian High Commission appeals to Canadian authorities to stop screening of Hinduphobic film ‘Kaali’

Showcased as a 'performance documentary', the movie poster instantly drew the ire of the Hindu community for the derogatory representation of the Goddess.

Rahul Gandhi supports Alt News’ Zubair after his arrest over hurting religious sentiments, had made Hinduphobic posts

Rahul Gandhi tweeted in support of Mohammed Zubair, who was recently in news over his Hinduphobic social media posts.

Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair arrested by Delhi Police for hurting religious sentiments

Mohammed Zubair of Alt News has been arrested by the Delhi Police under sections 153/295 of the IPC

DU prof Ratan Lal arrested for derogatory comments against Shivling found in premises of disputed Gyanvapi structure, built on the ruins of a temple

In a social media post, Ratan Lal had made vile statements directed toward the Shivling inside the Gyanvapi disputed structure

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