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Huffpost does not like that govt has done well in e-governance, so they complain about things included in it.
After Politics and Bollywood, Pakistani and Islamic propaganda now finds a space in narrative around Sports.
Huffpost India and Huffpost Maghreb slightly differ when it comes to their outlook of science
Even the original report had made it clear that there was no such plan, yet the media created misleading headlines.
Violent protests had taken place in Jamshedpur over wrong claims about Muslims being lynched over beef.
A hashtag 'I turned terrorist' started trending on Twitter as people suddenly found reasons to become terrorists.
An unfortunate incident of lynching in Jharkhand was given communal colour by the Huffington Post.
A though endorsed by Mainstream journalists, Congress party leaders, and civic society
Huffpost becomes the latest media house to publish pieces which humanize the Mughal tyrant
The article had exposed the left-liberal hypocrisy over the ongoing controversy around Ramjas College and Gurmehar Kaur.
How ‘liberals’ miss nuances of a character in a hurry to prove their liberalism.
Huffington Post India wrote a highly misleading article linking deaths to demonetisation drive.
Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action
Is the Jungle Book really scary for children?
Rituparna Chatterjee hypocrtically tried to encash Bollywood goodwill, but her shadow didn't forgive her this time
Modi is the man with the reverse Midas touch, anything he touches becomes bad.

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