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When confronted, the Imam claimed that the minor was his 'wife'.
The incident occurred on 26th October, when Satyanarayana Sharma was beaten up by the Imam for playing devotional songs on the loudspeaker.
The Imam had married the victim woman last year and has now sent divorce notice after his brother allegedly raped her.
The West Bengal CM had on September 10 announced disbursal of Rs 10,000 to each of the 28,000 puja committees across the state.
The TMC government had announced last month that they would give Rs.10,000 each to all the Durga Puja committees in the state.
The PM of India should totally be answerable for seating arrangements in religious events and viewing angles chosen by photographers, because, why not?
They can’t wait for Rahul Gandhi to become PM so that they can return to their ideological roots in the 7th century.
He made the statement during a religious gathering in Ahmadabad
The Imam had used human rights defence to stop deportation from Spain
One of the clerics claimed that normally women are responsible for the talaq
The Imam of Kolkata says that Modi's beard is insulting religious sentiments of people.

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