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Pakistan: 12 PTI workers and 2 legislators arrested for barging into Sindh House where dissidents had sought refuge

PTI workers on Friday forcibly entered the Sindh House in Islamabad after protesting against dissident MNAs staying in the building.

‘India preparing for invasion, Yogi Adityanath celebrating election victory’: Pakistan ‘experts’ make wild theories about alleged ‘Indian missile’

After spinning a whole war scenario, Hamid then stated that he has been told by some of his friends that the 'nuclear missile launch' was done to celebrate CM Yogi Adityanath's victory in the UP elections. He even added that he believes that.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan surrenders before radical Islamists, lifts the ban on extremist party Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan

Pakistan govt lifts the ban on extremist party Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan, which is running violent protests against France alleging blasphemy

Islamabad second safest city in South Asia? This is how Pakistani media went on to report this ‘achievement’

As per the website, Kabul, Afghanistan, which recently fell to Islamist group Taliban, ranks 34 in the list of safest cities in South Asia.

The Secret War: How a 2012 documentary revealed Pakistan was supporting Taliban and American soldiers knew it

A documentary released by the Frontline in 2012 laid bare the complicity of Pakistan in nurturing and harbouring Talibani terrorists against the US forces, while taking money from the US and pretending to be an ally.

Pakistan: ‘Gender Jihad’ activist who had posed in ‘bold dressing’ in front of MA Jinnah’s portrait in Islamabad arrested

Earlier this month, photos of 'Gender Jihad' activists in 'bold attire' in front of Jinnah's portrait along the Islamabad expressway had raised the hackles of Pakistani social media users

Watch: Pakistan’s Jamia Hafsa organises event to celebrate Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, calls them ‘Khanjar hai Kafiro pe’

In the video, one can see the girls, wearing burqas and headscarves with Taliban flag in the background. The girls are singing 'Salam Taliban'.

Pakistan appoints new chief for CPEC affairs, said to be a China-favourite

This change in leadership also comes after nine Chinese engineers were killed in a bomb attack on a convoy transporting Chinese personnel to the Dasu Hydropower project in Pakistan's Kohistan district last month.

Pakistan: Imran Khan govt to rent out the official PM residence for fashion and cultural events, after selling all the buffaloes to raise funds

In 2019, Imran Khan had moved out of the official PM's residence to a plush house at Bani Gala.

‘Gender Jihad’ activists pose near Quaid-e-Azam monument in ‘bold attire’, Pakistanis demand arrest

Mystical Shayari, 'Gender Jihad' activists, has deactivated their account after outrage over Quaid-e-Azam monument photos.

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