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Anti-Hindu propaganda, misogyny and hatred against Jews: Meet Daniel Haqiqatjou, Muslim apologist who believes in flat Earth, rape and pedophilia

In 2023, Daniel Haqiqatjou claimed that the lack of child marriages in the West in the 21st century was the reason behind rise in child molestation and rapes.

Islamist mob launches a deadly attack on Prerna Peeth Nishkalki Temple in Ahmedabad: Several idols of deities vandalised in ‘pre-planned attack’, says VHP

According to the VHP, it was a pre-planned attack in which the Islamist mob vandalised several Murtis (idols) of Hindu deities. 

No Indian Express, supporting Hamas, and glorifying terrorists is not ‘political opinion’: Somaiya school’s Parveen Shaikh gets usual cover fire from Leftist media

The IE editorial says that the silver lining in this episode is Somaiya School principal Parveen Shaikh refusing to resign and asserting her “constitutional rights and sense of professional responsibility.” It is, however, usual practice of an average terror sympathiser to invoke constitutional rights, freedom of expression and whatnot when their contentious behaviour sparks public outrage.

Media downplays the vile pro-Hamas, pro-Zakir Naik views of Parveen Shaikh even as Somaiya Principal confirms her insidious social media activity

The Left and Islamist ecosystem has jumped to defend Parveen Shaikh, principal of Somaiya school, who supports Hamas

‘Vote jihad’ to ‘we are not kaafir’: How politicians of so-called ‘secular’ parties have tried to convince voters that voting for Modi is against...

In the presence of her uncle Salman Khurshid, Maria Khan said that practising ‘vote jihad’ is needed in the current situation. 

Ankit Saxena murder: Read how Shehnaz Begum, mother of his girlfriend, invoked Allah right before her father Akbar Ali slit Ankit’s throat

On 7th March 2024, three convicts in the Ankit Saxena murder case were sentenced to life imprisonment

‘Caliphate is the solution’: Islamists storm streets of Hamburg shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, demand caliphate in Germany led by ‘converted’ student and his ‘pop-Islamist’ followers

In one of the viral videos, one speaker can be heard describing the caliphate as a “system that… provides security” but is “hated” and “demonised” in Germany which is cheered by the mob with the chants of “Allahu Akbar.”

Somaiya Trust takes note of OpIndia report on Islamist views of Somaiya School principal Parveen Shaikh: Details

According to Somaiya Trust, it would probe the matter and expressed disagreement with the statements made by principal Parveen Shaikh

86 Muslim traders asked to leave Dharchula town of Uttarakhand after barber was arrested for abducting two Hindu minor girls, Muslims call it ‘elopement’,...

In Dharchula town of district Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand, the local traders' association has asked 86 traders of the Muslim community to leave the town

‘I don’t believe that a Muslim killed them’; Sajid slits throats of Hindu minors in Badaun, Islamists and liberals on social media call it...

Islamists and liberals are trying to prove that there was an old dispute between Sajid-Javed and the families of the deceased children in Badaun and that police killed Sajid because he was a Muslim.

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