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All over the world, the terrorist attacks by radical Islamists is immediately served with long and extensive excuses about how social ills, discrimination, poverty, hardships, and atrocities lead to terrorism.
Question paper on Islamic Studies asked students to choose an answer for the worst animal before Allah. The options for the question were donkey, pig, infidels, or monkey.
Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), which claims to be born after Indian Independence in 1948, is actually an off-shoot of Pakistan founder and Islamist Mohammad Ali Jinnah's All India Muslim League (AIML).
This is the third case in a week where minor Hindu girls have been abducted and forced to undergo a religious conversion.
India's minister for external affairs Sushma Swaraj had taken cognisance of the issue earlier and had asked the Indian High Commission in Pakistan for a detailed report of the incident.
Celebrating Hindu religious festivals is not the only that triggers abuses and threats from Muslim radicals
The Union Home Ministry has banned the Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) for five more years for engaging in subversive activities
Altnews founder Pratik Sinha today stirred a hornet’s nest after he doxxed several unsuspecting users on Twitter simply because he did not agree with their political views.
Abhishek Mishra is was arrested by Delhi Police last night from Madhya Pradesh
30 Rohingyas were apprehended by the Police at the Assam-Tripura border at Churaibari on Monday night. The group includes 12 minors and 9 women.
Hamid Ansari referred to Sardar Patel's speech delivered in Delhi, four days prior to India's Independence
Ashfaque Majeed, with his wife and a year old toddler, left India to join the ranks of ISIS
The raising Hindu self-awareness seems to threaten the already paranoid and insecure Left
SC has rebuked the complainants saying that they have no other job but to file FIR against a film song
He has stated Triple talaq is kept as an option so that a man does not have to murder his wife
When I write this letter to you, my primary intention is to make clear, my justified discontent with your lack of clarity
The Islamic group PFI has used violence extensively to promote their ideology.
The report among other things claimed that Indian security forces use excessive force in Kashmir
JWDubai Marquis had earlier terminated Chef Atul Kochhar's contract for his tweet.
The controversial Islamic preacher was given the Permanent Resident (PR) status by the previous Malaysian government.
Tharoor did not delete his tweet containing fake news, even after the Islamist publication deleted their story
A release regarding the same has been issued by the Jharkhand government
Rumours are that Khan married Bushra when she was observing her iddat period
The instance is an example of how the leftists and so-called liberals become apologists of Islamists.
Shehla Rashid's secular credentials are questioned by some Muslims on Facebook.

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