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Massive Covid scam in Italy to swindle EU recovery grant: 22 persons arrested for siphoning over 650 million USD for luxury cars, and villas

Following the arrests from Italy, Austria, Romania and Slovakia and an investigation by the EU prosecutor, eight people were detained, 14 were placed under house arrest and two others were barred from practising their profession.

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni sues creators of deep fake video for defamation, will appear in court to seek €100,000 in damages

Meloni is scheduled to appear personally and provide testimony on July 2 in a court in Sassari, in Italy's Sardinia region, as reported by BBC.

‘Islam is incompatible with Europian culture’: 5-year-old video of Italian PM Giorgia Meloni goes viral, reported as recent statement

In that video, Meloni was referring to a previous statement by another conservative leader Matteo Salvini. Salvini, referring to the Cologne mass sexual attacks and Berlin terrorist attack, had said that Islam is incompatible with European values. Salvni is a leader of Italy's Lega Nord party.

Italy officially quits Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pet Belt and Road Initiative, informs China

A government source stated that Beijing had been given a letter "in recent days" informing the Chinese government that Italy would not be renewing the pact.

Italy’s Lampedusa declares a state of emergency after around 7000 migrants arrive on the island in just 24 hours

Around 7000 migrants in a over 100 boats arrived at the Italian island of Lampedusa in just 24 hours,

G20 Summit: Italian PM tells Chinese premier that Italy plans to leave the Belt and Road Initiative, after signing India-Middle East-Europe Corridor MoU

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni privately told Chinese Premier Li Quiang about Italy’s plan to pull out of the Belt and Road Initiative

Italy did not get the expected results from the Belt and Road deal with China, says Italian Foreign Minister

The controversial investment deal with China under the Belt and Road Initiative has failed to meet Rome's expectations, the Italian Foreign Minister said

Italy: 19-year-old boy who escaped from war-torn Ukraine brutally attacked by a gang of 40 Tunisian and Libyan immigrants in Milan

Danylo and his friends were out traveling in Milan when they were faced with a harassing gang of "illegal" migrants

Italy: 2 dead and 30 missing after two boats carrying migrants from Africa sank near Italy’s Lampedusa island

Two boats carrying migrants from Tunisia in Africa sinks near Italy in stormy weather, 2 dead

Italian criminal caught after 11 years on the run thanks to a photo celebrating a football win

Vincenzo La Porta was identified in a photo of people celebrating after the Napoli football team won Italian Serie A last season in a restaurant in Corfu.

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