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Did Sonia Gandhi have an Italian footballer boyfriend before she met Rajiv Gandhi? Here is what we know

Did Sonia Gandhi have an affair with an Italian footballer Franco Luison before meeting Rajiv Gandhi?

Half-truths, false claims and lies: Rana Ayyub’s speech and interview at the IJF in Italy are the same as her book and articles

While being fully aware that the predominantly Western audience knew nothing about the internal affairs of India, Rana Ayyub used the platform to peddle misinformation and false narratives.

Siddharth Varadarajan rants, repeats a probably fictitious sob story about a Hindu-Muslim couple he met in Italy: Here is the problem with it

Siddarth Varadarajan who is an American citizen and the editor and co-founder of The Wire made one such innovative attempt today, through a tweet thread.

Rahul Gandhi on ‘personal trip’ to Italy, second foreign trip in a month’s time

Rahul Gandhi had come back from an almost month-long trip to London just before the winter session in Parliament started.

‘Green-eyed Afghan girl’ from famous Nat Geo cover photo has been evacuated to Italy, granted refuge

Sharbat Gula, the green-eyed Afghan girl who featured on the National Geographic Magazine's iconic cover photo in the 1980s has been evacuated to Italy.

Europe: Massive protests continue across Germany, Italy, Netherlands against Covid restrictions and vaccine pass

Massive protests have taken place in Netherlands, Italy and other parts of Europe against the governments' COVID restrictions.

Italy: Somali migrant stabs two bus ticket controllers and injures 3 under the influence of drugs

A Somali migrant residing in a migrant home run by the Catholic community in Rimini town of Northern Italy,

Sexual assault, cocaine snorting, ticketless fans run wild: Read what happened during crime spree in Wembley before Euro 2020 final

There was mayhem outside the iconic Wembley Stadium before and after England lost to Italy in the UEFA Euro 2020 final.

No less than rioters: England football fans create ruckus after losing the Euro 2020 final to Italy

England fans created ruckus after defeat in Euro 2020 finale in London.

Pakistan: 1000 Schengen visa stickers stolen from the Italian embassy, involvement of human traffickers suspected

The price of a Schengen visa starts from Rs 2 million and goes up to Rs 4 million in the black market in Pakistan.

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