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J Sai Deepak

J Sai Deepak responds with Jai Shri Ram to anti-Hindu slogans during his speech in US varsity: The West & the cesspool in its...

The propagandists were seen holding Khalistani flags and placards with the same old outcry about "Hindutva" in a bid to hamper the talk by J Sai Deepak

‘Not Untouchability’: Kerala HC upholds tradition of Sabarimala, Malikappuram temples over appointment of Malayala Brahmin only as Melsanthi (chief priest)

The Court dismissed the writ petitions on the ground that they had no merit and lacked proper pleadings.

Lawyers group wants to cancel an event because SC lawyer Sai Deepak is a panellist, read about the group that supports Islamists and Maoists

All India Lawyers Association for Justice (AILAJ) has written to the Karnataka Bar Council seeking the cancellation of a talk by Supreme Court lawyer J Sai Deepak on the Uniform Civil Code.

J Sai Deepak demolishes Nehruvian-Marxist monopoly over history in two books: European and Middle Eastern coloniality, truth about partition, pan-Islamism and more

J Sai Deepak, through being richly persuasive and in possession of unmatched scholarship, brings a stirring and edifying take on topics hitherto pushed into oblivion

Vivek Agnihotri gets relief from Delhi HC in 2018 contempt case after he appears in person, Anand Ranganathan agrees to appear in next hearing

Delhi High Court has discharged Vivek Agnihotri in a 2018 Contempt-of-Court case after he appeared in person and reiterated his remorse over his remark.

5 arguments made by J Sai Deepak in the Sabarimala temple priest appointment case that decimated another bid to desecrate tradition

J Sai Deepak argued against the secularisation of non-secular activities such as appointments of priests in Hindu temples.

Why is the cover of Sai Deepak’s new book ‘India, Bharat and Pakistan’ green? Here is what the author said

Author J Sai Deepak launched his second book of the Bharat Trilogy on Tuesday at a function in Delhi.

Supreme Court advocate and renowned author J Sai Deepak launches his second book, ‘India, Bharat and Pakistan’

SC advocate and renowned author J Sai Deepak launched the book 'India, Bharat and Pakistan' on Tuesday at an event in Delhi.

Savarkar, Kashmir, Constitution: Books and movies questioning established narrative upsets leftist intelligentsia, here is why

A slow stream of books and movies opposing the established leftist narrative appeared on the horizon. Works challenging the leftist version of events from India's past.

Supreme Court advocate J Sai Deepak pens a heartfelt note about Vivek Agnihotri’s newly released movie ‘The Kashmir Files’

J Sai Deepak said periodic reinforcement of genocide of Kashmiri Pandits is essential to ensure that the lived experiences of victims are not denied

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