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J Sai Deepak responds with Jai Shri Ram to anti-Hindu slogans during his speech in US varsity: The West & the cesspool in its universities

The Hinduphobic Islamists and Khalistanis had prepared a document titled "Deepak Protest Guide" to literally train their members on how to protest against J Sai Deepak

Senior Supreme Court Advocate and author J Sai Deepak on 3rd March delivered a talk at an event titled Bharatam at UC Berkeley in California organised by the Hindu YUVA group.

As Sai Deepak addressed a myriad of issues concerning the Hindu civilisation, the usual anti-India and anti-Hindu elements in UC Berkeley along with Khalistanis staged loud protests outside the venue in the varsity premises.

According to a press release issued by the organisers, more than 200 students from UC Berkeley attended the event. However, the usual anti-India and anti-Hindu woke suspects attempted to cancel the event but failed.

“Despite our best efforts to include individuals of all viewpoints, we sadly note the few student groups who unsuccessfully attempted to cancel this dialogue. We strongly condemn the intention of these students to showcase a toxic narrative built of fabricated information about Indian political issues and an extremely misplaced blame by projecting them onto Hindu students at UC Berkeley,” the press release stated.

Putting up a fight against the Hindu haters, Sai Deepak after finishing his talk paid a visit to the wild protesters who were visibly frustrated.

Sai Deepak shared three such videos showing how he challenged the livid woke liberals at UC Berkeley. Marching on,along with some members from his event, Sai Deepak chanted Bharat Mata Ki Jai at the top of their voice.

In a most happening and elevating scene, Sai Deepak can be seen telling his supporters to chant Jai Shri Ram with him.

A second video shows J Sai Deepak walking with his supporters amid rounds of applauds and making a pit stop right in front of the left-liberal cabal which appears out of its wits.

The propagandists were seen holding Khalistani flags and placards with the same old chest-thumping. One of the placards read, “Hindus against hate”, “No Trump, No Modi, No Netanyahu” and “Aapka yahan swagat nahin hai” (you are not invited here) among others.

Undeterred, Sai Deepak and the event organisers proudly chanted Vande Mataram, Jai Shri Ram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai rendering the wokes unstable.

Furthermore, the protesters appeared livid and even ready to attack going by their body language in the video. One of the frustrated protesters attempted to come close to Sai Deepak while abusing him. “You are piece of sh** fascist, you are a coward, a fu* coward,” the frustrated protester yelled.

Upholding the Hindu spirit, J Sai Deepak got the best of the left-liberals protesting against him as he received great support from members at the event.

Meanwhile, the organisers in their press release further stated that the protests were a textbook example of Hinduphobia.

“The fact that some groups simply choose rage over respect, reason and dialogue to intimidate Hindu students, student organisations and faculty members for simply exploring their culture is a textbook example of the Hinduphobia that many Hindus across numerous University campuses constantly face,” they stated.

They added that despite the threatening nature of the protests, we feel confident to continue creating a safe space on campus for all students to celebrate heritage and identity while engaging in potentially hard topics to navigate.

“We strongly condemn the hateful and narrow-minded Hinduphobic narrative built in the last few days while refusing to engage in a dialogue,” the press release stated.

“Deepak Protest Guide”

Notably, the Hindu YUVA group tried to reason with the Hinduphobic groups by asking them to attend the event and ask questions in order to voice their point of view and get them addressed. However, they had absolutely no intention to see reason.

Taking to X, J Sai Deepak shared a document titled “Deepak Protest Guide”, which literally translates to a guide to protest against J Sai Deepak. The document was prepared by a student group called the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA).

The document was aimed at cancelling Sai Deepak’s talk hosted by the Hindu YUVA at UC Berkeley. The attempt was made by YDSA in collaboration with Cal Muslim Student Association, Threads (Muslim publication in UC Berkeley), UCB Sikh Student Association, ASUC MEMSA (Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian), League of Filipino Students, Berkeley Bengal Gazette, Bangali Student Union and ASUC Senator X.

The document included a script of 14 slogans to be chanted by the protesters.

Screenshot from the document “Deepak Protest Guide” shows list of scripted slogans which were planned to be chanted against Sai Deepak during his talk

The document goes on to build the anti-Hindu narrative by identifying points, areas and persons to attack including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP, RSS, J Sai Deepak, Hindutva and Caste Discrimination. A brief summary of J Sai Deepak’s background and details of his legal practice have also been shared in the document to build a narrative against him.

Additionally, on 1st March, YDSA called for the cancellation of J Sai Deepak’s event through a post on Instagram in which they crossed out Bharat and replaced it with India, symbolic of every left-liberals attempt to separate Hinduism from India.

Screenshot of YDSA’s social media post calling for cancelling J Sai Deepak’s talk (source: YDSA/Instagram)

Another post was published on 3rd March by the YDSA on Instagram calling for the cancellation of the event on the same day.

Screenshot of YDSA’s social media post calling for cancelling J Sai Deepak’s talk (source: YDSA/Instagram)

The YDSA is amongst the many student groups in the West that indulged pro-Palestine protests by demonising Jews and Israel for defending themselves against Hamas in response to the 7th October terrorist attacks.

The left-liberal and Islamist coterie and their campus terrorism

Universities in the West, particularly in the US and UK are infested with left-liberal Islamists and wokes. “Freedom” and “rights” are their vague arguments to justify their heavily political campaigns targeting such groups and individuals who take a different view point.

Hindu hatred on so-called prestigious campuses in the US and UK have led to a cancel culture against Hindu students for something as basic as practicing their faith personally, let alone having an opinion and a political opinion at that.

The concerted attack on Rashmi Samant at Oxford University is one such case. Moreover, Hindus are even barred by such propagandists from organising events that have even a hint of Indian culture and Hindu civilisation.

On 2nd August 2022, the the student-led ‘Hindu on Campus (HOC)’ group became the subject of a smear campaign after it collaborated with the Hindu Student Association (HSA) of American University in Washington DC.

Hindu on Campus, a student-led group to fight Hinduphobia in international varieties, has often been targeted by Islamists and the cabal of leftists and liberals.

In more examples of intolerance against nationalists, the propagandists not only verbally but also physically assaulted Jews in their protest against Israel and support for Hamas in the name of pro-Palestine protests.

From professors to students, the Western academia at large has unapologetically voiced its hatred for Hindus and India uncountable times. What unfolded during J Sai Deepak’s talk in UC Berkeley is just a more recent example of this hate and Hinduphobia.

At the same time, elements that further the anti-Hindu and anti-India agenda including Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi have often been welcomed with open arms in these campuses to add more words against India in their dictionary.

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