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3 Bhim Army workers were allegedly feeding fake stories to the media, was the fake bhabhi a part of that? Here are details

The Bhim Army is reported to have planted three of its members in the house of the family of the Hathras victim.

Jabalpur medical college to take action against ‘fake Bhabhi’ for going to Hathras and pretending to be victim’s kin

Jabalpur Medical College seeks answer from Doctor Rajkumari over allegations of going to Hathras and pretending to be victim's bhabhi.

From following Rahul Gandhi to dragging CAA: Meet the ‘forensic expert’ cum ‘sister’ cum ‘fake Naxal bhabhi’ of Hathras fame

The suspected Naxalite in question in the Hathras case has been identified as one Rajkumari Bansal from Jabalpur.

28-year-old fast of 81-year-old Urmila Chaturvedi to end with Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan

81-years-old Urmila Chaturvedi will break her fast when Ram Mandir construction begins, she has been eating only fruits since 1992

Madhya Pradesh: Dozens who attended funeral of Shahida Bi, who died of Coronavirus, in panic as her sister had died only days ago

Coronavirus positive woman Shahida bi was declared dead on April 19 while her sister passed away on April 20.

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