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‘If you have even a drop of Rajput blood within, show those documents’: Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy challenges BJP MP Diya Kumari

Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy said, "My message to the nation is the same as the message given by Modi Ji. Don't pay any attention to what these blabberers are saying."

‘Taj Mahal is built on the land of Jaipur royal family’: Claims BJP MP Diya Kumari, says her family has documents to prove it

BJP MP and Jaipur royal family member Diya Kumari says she has documents t prove that Taj Mahal was built on her family land

Rajasthan: AAP Muslim leaders protest after party head office inaugurated with Havan and other Hindu rituals, question why Islam was ignored

Muslim members of AAP in Rajasthan are infuriated because the party head office was inaugurated with Havan & other Hindu rituals

Jaipur: Burqa-clad woman sends dummy ‘bomb’ to cloth merchant, probe initiated

Burqa-clad woman sent a dummy bomb to a businessman in Jaipur demanding ransom. Probe has been launched.

Rajasthan: Gehlot govt keeps shutting down internet in state to stop exam cheating, had objected to internet restrictions in Kashmir

On October 23 and 24, internet services in several districts of Rajasthan was suspended for Patwari exams. On October 27, internet was suspended again.

Adani Group takes over operations of Jaipur International Airport in Rajasthan, to take over Thiruvananthapuram airport tomorrow

After taking over operations of Jaipur and Thiruvananthapuram airports, Adani Group will take over all six airports if had won in the bid

Jaipur: Ragpicker Shehzada Salim steals antique Murtis and jewellery from Jain and Shiv temple, had entered temple to ‘drink water’

On August 7 2021, the accused had entered the temple in Jaipur on the pretext of drinking water, when the idols caught his sight

Uttar Pradesh: Asif Qureshi becomes Ashish to lure minor Hindu girl for a live-in relationship, arrested from Jaipur

Asif was living with the Hindu girl after signing an agreement for live-in relationship with her using the fake name Ashish

Rajasthan: Gehlot govt to demolish heritage hotel Laxmi Vilas to build a Rs 100 crore Gandhi museum

"The building has historic and heritage value. To my mind, such a structure should not be demolished", erstwhile Jaipur royal and Rajasamand MP Diya Kumari has stated.

Rajasthan: Hindu temples not allowed to use loudspeakers, but others playing them 5 times a day, BJP MLA writes to police chief

Lahoty in his letter mentioned that if this rule has been implemented due to the lockdown then it should be followed by all the religious institutions.

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