Saturday, October 23, 2021



Baloch activist who praised India legitimizes terrorism against Hindus

Indians have certain things to learn from the transformation of the man.

Kashmir ‘conditional ceasefire’ : Has the Narendra Modi government learnt nothing from the past?

"Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder." -Arnold Toynbee

Kathua rape case: 3 witnesses allege custodial torture by police, SC to hear matter on 16 May

Earlier, villagers had also claimed to have been tortured by JK Police crime department under the pretext of questioning.

General Rawat issues warning to Kashmiri youth : ‘Azaadi will not happen, you cannot fight to Army’

General Rawat said Azadi will not happen in Kashmir and asked them to stop fighting Army

NSG commandos to be deployed in Jammu and Kashmir to aide in counter-insurgency operations

NSG will be deployed in Kashmir to train and assist the CRPF and the state security forces

Is your college professor a terrorist? Reading FB wall of Mohmmad Rafi

It's not paranoia if they are really out to get us

Fact finding team says Kathua chargesheet has glaring loopholes, demand fair probe

The fact finding committee has found a lot of faults with the chargesheet filed by the Jammu and Kashmir police

From Jammu to Bengal, read how Rohingyas are being settled in India

Over and above the 14,000 UNHRC registered Rohingyas, about 40,000 illegal immigrants are estimated in India.

Kathua rape victim’s family never received the funds collected for them, claims leaked audio

Allegations of a "scam" in this matter are doing the rounds

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