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AAP MLAs reportedly beat up Kejriwal so much that he has injured his knees and could not walk properly
He was earlier hand-picked by Aam Aadmi Party government for Delhi Dialogue Commission, but he soon turned against AAP.
Baldev Singh has also called out Kejriwal for "Flirting with the Congress" and has called it 'sheer political opportunism'.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal 'liked' a video where a half-naked man put various objects at his private parts
AAP's CM candidate in Madhya Pradesh managed to get only 823 votes.
Aam Aadmi party has claimed in its tweet, that the bridge is ready and all set to be inaugurated
Earlier, 20 AAP MLAs were disqualified, later the MLAs were restored by Delhi High Court
Luck often runs out at the most unexpected of times.
The complaint has been lodged by AAP rebel leader Kapil Mishra
Is Arvind Kejriwal targeting Hindu refugees colony in Adarsh Nagar Delhi?
Monkeys and snakes seem to be marking proxy attendance instead.
BJP has extended a formal invitation to rebel AAP MLA Kapil Mishra
Political climate in the country indicates that the alliance is more likely to happen than not.
The LG's office has cited 'procedural lapses' and violation of business transaction rules
Kapil Mishra has accused the appointment of Chadha as one of the biggest financial scams.
Kapil Mishra has accused Arvind Kejriwal and his team of playing divisive communal politics.
They are seen sloganeering 'Jai Shree Ram' and dancing on drums outside what looks like a mosque.
When will we see this apology letter?
Earlier, a close aide had admitted that the Delhi Chief Minister wanted to end several cases filed against him.
It will be another u-turn in a list of many by Arvind Kejriwal.
Kejriwal plays his 'common man' card to woo Chhattisgarh voters
AAP rebel leader takes on Delhi chief Arvind Kejriwal
The CBI has discovered property documents worth millions related to the Delhi Minister in raids conducted at the residences of the Delhi Dental Council registrar.
A clear attempt at minority appeasement?
Baba Khan slams Kejriwal for playing dirty politics in name of Muslims
The Congress party on the other hand has moved to the Supreme Court
Homeless are dying and Delhi Chief Minister is busy passing the responsibility buck.
Sushil Gupta's nomination hasn't gone down too well with supporters and critics, alike.

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