Monday, March 20, 2023


Khalsa Aid

Australian Sikh Association demands AUD 40000 back from UK’s Khalsa Aid, says money was never used for charity work in India

"It has been brought to the Australian Sikh Association's attention that Khalsa Aid UK has never applied for FCRA to send funds to Punjab from the UK."

Founder of Khalsa Aid stokes separatist sentiments ahead of Independence Day, says doesn’t trust India

Ravi Singh, the CEO of Khalsa Aid has almost always demonstrated his Khalistani affinities.

Khalsa Aid’s South Australia coordinator threatens a Hindu-Sikh couple for organising ‘Vaisakhi Mela’

Sikh-Hindu couple was threatened by Khalsa Aid's Australian coordinator over usage of word "Vaisakhi".

Khalsa Aid founder slams cricketer Harbhajan Singh for ‘apologising for history’ over Bhindranwale post

Ravinder Singh, founder of Pro-Khalistani outfit Khalsa Aid, questioned cricketer Harbhajan Singh over his apology.

After Khalsa Aid received six-figure donation from JK Rowling’s trust in the name of COVID-19 relief work, ‘farmer’ movement gains momentum

The 'farmer protests' which was on a decline in recent times have suddenly gained a lot of momentum.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling gives six-figure donation to pro-Khalistani outfit Khalsa Aid

The Harry Potter creator replied to Khalsa Aid's Tweet, thanking people for buying a copy of her latest children's book The Ickabog.

Amidst terrorist attacks on Israel, Khalistan supporters mobilise for Palestine: Read details

Many are trying to portray Israel as the aggressor, Khalistani supporters included, extending their support to Palestine instead of Israel

Workers of Khalsa org and Kejriwal govt discriminated against Hindu victims: An eyewitness account after 1 year of Delhi anti-Hindu riots

The eyewitness claimed that the Khalsa organisation predominantly helped the Muslim victims of the Delhi riots

Founder of pro Khalistan outfit Khalsa Aid spreads fake news about OpIndia after Greta fiasco exposed Khalistani agenda

Khalsa Aid founder Ravi Singh spreads fake news about OpIndia after Greta Thunberg exposed Khalisatani agenda.

Canadian Politicians nominate Khalistani org Khalsa Aid for Nobel Peace Prize: Details

Canadian Parliamentarians have nominated Khalistani organisation Khalsa Aid for the Nobel Peace Prize for 'humanitarian work'.

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