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In his interview with AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, Kunal Kamra has used old videos from before 2014 to blame the Modi government.
Kunal Kamra had posted a morphed image of BSE woth its ticker reading ‘Don’t vote for Modi’
Kamra had Photoshopped a BSE building image which could have triggered a panic at the stock market
This guy stood outside JNU, Commonwealth Games Village and Herald House to ask to vote for Modi
Twitter users were amused that IT cell head of Congress forwarded YouTube link of a 'comedian' along with other campaign-related material
The comedian could be seen apologizing profusely in the video for his offensive jokes against Hinduism. It has gone viral on social media and has garnered 108 thousand views thus far.
I don't appreciate being lectured by people who cover up for sexual predators.
Many women claimed that other stand up comics knew of the allegations, but still continued working with these.
The next level of political propaganda.

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