Friday, April 23, 2021


Mahatma Gandhi

PM Modi to launch commemorative ‘Dandi March’ as part of celebrations of 75 years of independence

The commemorative Dandi March will be launched March 12 which is the anniversary of Dandi March led by Mahatma Gandhi.

Four days after pro-Khalistani group in California vandalised Mahatma Gandhi statue, White House ‘condemns’ the act

Pro-Khalistani elements have been opposing the reinstallation of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in California.

‘Pedophile’, ‘Devil’: Khalistanis in California oppose reinstallation of vandalised Gandhi statue, hurl obscene abuses at protesting Indian Americans

Members of the CYSA reached the spot and protested against the installation of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Davis, California.

Liberals trend #NathuramGodse on Mahatma Gandhi death anniversary while condemning those trending Nathuram Godse

Abusive troll masquerading as a journalist Swati Chaturvedi, while trending #NathuramGodse said that those trending the same are 'perverts'

California: Law enforcement initiates investigation into vandalisation of Mahatma Gandhi statue by Khalistanis, Indian Embassy seeks action

The Khalistani elements in California had desecrated the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Davis on January 28, second such incident in a month

Mahatma Gandhi’s statue vandalised by Khalistani elements in Washington DC during Anti-farm laws protests, organisers brazen it out

One of the organisers justified vandalism of Mahatma Gandhi's statue by comparing his statues to confederate statues.

The radical left has always hated Mahatma Gandhi for being a Hindu

Would you look at that? Mahatma Gandhi was a “Hindu nationalist” who cheered the “seizure” of Kashmir.

Strategically, the RW, rather the Hindus, don’t have much to gain by attacking Mahatma Gandhi

An unhealthy focus on bringing down Mahatma Gandhi doesn’t achieve anything.

Bathing with women, sleeping with naked girls: Read about Gandhi’s ‘experiments with celibacy’

The experiments by Gandhi on his celibacy included having baths with women, sleeping with naked women, to test his self-control

Mahatma Gandhi wanted the Union Jack on India’s national flag, said he will not salute it if Charkha is replaced by Ashoka Chakra

Mahatma Gandhi had said, "if the Flag of the Indian Union will not embody the emblem of the Charkha, I will refuse to salute that flag"

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