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There are leaders in Congress who hate Ram Mandir, Lord Ram and Hindus: Congress leader Acharya Pramod

Before slamming his own party's "anti-Hindu" leaders, Acharya Pramod Krishnam expressed his joy over the construction and inauguration of Ram Mandir Ayodhya.

On Friday, 10th November, Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam, who is known for his controversial comments, lashed out at his own party leaders alleging that there are some leaders in the party who hate Lord Ram and Hindus. He added that such Congress leaders are opposed to a Hindu saint or religious leader being in the party.

“I don’t have personal animosity towards anyone but I have felt that there are some leaders in Congress who hate not only hate the Ram Mandir but also hate even the name of Lord Ram. These leaders not only hate Hindutva but also hate the word ‘Hindu’, they want to insult Hindu religious gurus. They don’t like that there should be a Hindu religious guru in the party.”

Before slamming his own party’s “anti-Hindu” leaders, Acharya Pramod Krishnam expressed his joy over the construction and inauguration of Ram Mandir Ayodhya. On speculations that he might be planning to join the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Pramod Krishnam asserted that although he is a part of the Congress party it does not mean that the truth cannot be called the truth and a lie cannot be called a lie. He further questioned if speaking for Bharat, Sanatan Dharma and saying Vande Mataram is joining the BJP. He also asserted that Congress as a party is not anti-Hindu as it is a party of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s party who according to Pramod Krishnam was a great devotee of Lord Ram.

“Being a part of a party doesn’t mean that the truth cannot be called truth and a lie cannot be called a lie…Congress is not anti-Hindu. Congress is a party of Mahatma Gandhi. His [MK Gandhi] meetings start with the chants of ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram..’. How can Congress party be anti-Hindu and if it is indeed anti-Hindu, it cannot be a follower of Mahatma Gandhi.
Is talking about Bharat, Sanatan Dharma, saying Vande Mataram is like joining BJP? If we are not in BJP can’t we speak the truth or talk about Sanatan? The question is not about BJP & Congress, but India culture and tradition. One can’t imagine about Bharat or our democracy, without Lord Ram and Sanatan Dharma.”

This, however, is not the first time that Pramod Krishnam has spoken against the Hindu-hating politicians in the Congress party. In August this year, Pramod Krishnam hit out against his own party over its anti-India and anti-Hindu antecedents. “There are some people, who have infiltrated the Congress party and are against Hindu religion, Hindu names, saffron (bhagwa). They are also opposed to chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, and ‘Vande Mataram’,” Krishnam said back then.

Although Pramod Krishnam somehow had a change of heart or maybe a genuine realisation of the status of Hindu saints in the Congress party, he himself once said that “people who are not followers of Prophet Mohammad cannot be together with us (Nahi hai jo Mohammad ka humara ho nahi sakta)”.

While now Acharya Pramod Krishnam is vehemently about Sanatan Dharma and asserting that although there are certain anti-Hindu leaders in the party, Congress is essentially not anti-Hindu, the party is in alliance with the Dravida Munetra Kazhagham (DMK), a party notorious for its blatant hatred for Sanatan Dharma and whose leader Udhayanidhi Stalin calls on for the “eradication of Sanatan Dharma”.

Although now Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taken the ‘avatar’ of a “Tapasvi”, the Gandhi scion had once claimed that those who go to the temple, worship the goddess… They are the ones who molest women in bus.” The Gandhi prince has also been mollycoddling with ardent Hindu haters, as was seen in September last year, when Rahul Gandhi met anti-Hindu Christian pastor George Poonaiah who is notorious for deranging Hindu deities and Bharat Mata and made derogatory comments about Hindu goddess Shakti and the Janeudhari, Dattatreya gotri brahmin Rahul Gandhi did not object or even stop the Hindumisic pastor.

While Pramod Krishnam refused to mention names of any Hindu-hating leaders within the Congress party, the party and its leaders have time and again exhibited their disdain for Hindus and Sanatan Dharma.

Interestingly, Acharya Pramod Krishnam stressed that ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi was a great devotee of Lord Ram and his Sabhas started with the chant of “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, patit paavan Sita Ram..”, Gandhi had tampered with the lyrics of original composition and inserted “Allah” to appease Muslims. OpIndia has published an extensive exposé on ‘Mahatma Gandhi’s betrayal of Hindus.

Contrary to Pramod Krishnan’s assertion that MK Gandhi was a great Hindu, ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi’s ‘affection’ for Hindus is evident in his remarks that “Hindus should not harbour anger in their hearts against Muslims even if the latter wanted to destroy them. Even if the Muslims want to kill us all we should face death bravely. If they established their rule after killing Hindus we would be ushering in a new world by sacrificing our lives. None should fear death. Birth and death are inevitable for every human being. Why should we then rejoice or grieve? If we die with a smile we shall enter into a new life, we shall be ushering in a new India.”

Excerpt from The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi volume 94 (Image via Gandhi Ashram Sevagram)

Coming back to Pramod Krishnan’s claim that Congress is not entirely anti-Hindu, one needs to remind him that it was his own party that had in September 2007 said that there is no historical proof of Lord Ram’s existence.

An affidavit filed by the Congress-led government back then read, “Valmiki Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas admittedly form an important part of ancient Indian literature, but these cannot be said to be historical records to incontrovertibly prove the existence of the characters and occurrences of events depicted therein.” The affidavit was filed to register the UPA government’s opposition to the demand to scrap the Sethusamudram project as it would damage the Ram Setu.

Despite being evident that the Congress party and even its top leaders have a record of taking measures against the interest of Hindus and making Hinduphobic comments, it raises questions over why is Acharya Pramod Krishnam turning a blind eye to the truth and sticking to the Congress party? Is he expecting Congress’s high command to pay attention to his political aspiration or the BJP is unwilling to welcome him?

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