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Congress’ Manish Tewari confirms party’s plan of wealth redistribution, asserts that party will take away money from the rich and give it to poor

In the post, admitting to plans of wealth redistribution, he said, "Absolutely we will not allow chaebols and oligarchies to flourish. We will not allow 1% of Indians to hold 77% of India’s wealth. Jab Paisa bate Ek Samman Tabhi Hoga Bharat Mahan."

Amid Kamal Nath suspense, rumours float about Manish Tewari joining BJP ahead of Lok Sabha election, his office rubbishes speculations

Manish Tewari is reportedly in touch with BJP and may switch from Congress to saffron party before the national election.

‘India needs to negotiate and make territorial adjustments with China’: Congress MP Manish Tewari suggests ‘give and take’ of border areas

Congress party has a history of pro-China stand when it comes to Indo-Chinese border issues. Manish Tewari reiterated it by talking about territorial adjustments along the Chinese border.

Congressis posting their Ls: Manish Tewari tries to poke holes in historic Air India deal, here is how he is wrong

Manish Tewari made bizarre claims that new planes acquired by Air India will not generate jobs in India as the 470 planes will replace current 113 planes

Russian ambassador Denis Alipov bursts Manish Tewari’s ‘Hercule Poirot’ theory over deaths of 2 Russian nationals in Odisha

Antova Anna Pavlovna and Vladimir's son Bynanov Anton Vladimirovich had both sent their written documents giving Rayagada police the power of attorney to cremate the bodies of their fathers.

Manish Tewari, Karti Chidambaram question Congress party’s upcoming election for president, seek a fair, transparent process

Tewari on Wednesday stated that the party had not made public the electoral roll and was just claiming that there would be free and fair elections to elect the party president.

What is wrong with being a ‘chaprasi’: As Congress leader Manish Tewari uses the term derogatorily, can Rahul Gandhi explain why Congress leaders keep...

This disdain towards 'chaprasis' or peons just betrays the Congress' and Manish Tewari attitude towards the people who make this country run.

After Ghulam Nabi Azad quits, Manish Tewari says ‘Chaprasis of Congress leaders are giving gyaan’: Here are speculations on who the ‘chaprasi’ might be

A day after veteran leader Ghulam Nabi Azad severed ties with the Congress, party leader Manish Tewari slammed those mouthing platitudes about winning elections and criticising Azad.

Punjab: Ghulam Nabi Azad dropped from star campaigner list days after Modi govt conferred Padma Bhushan, Manish Tewari snubbed too

Congress leader Manish Tewari, who is the lone Hindu face said that it would have been a surprise if his name was included in the list.

Congress leader Manish Tewari snubs Sidhu for asking to resume trade with Pakistan, says it’s useless and futile until Pakistan stops anti-India activities

Manish Tewari said that it is useless and futile to hold any trade-related talks with Pakistan after Navjot Singh Sidhu demanded the same

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