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Manish Tewari says India will have to face hard international questions due to anti-satellite missile
Congress leader Manish Tewari has floated another charge: That the Budget 2019 has been leaked in parts to the media
Manish Tewari tweeted that 'Anti-Brahminism' is the reality of Indian politics.
Episode 2 of On Point with Nupur Sharma where Minister Smriti Irani clears the air
Hate for the Prime Minister shouldn't mean falling for Pakistan's propaganda warfare
He had blamed the BJP for conviction of "backward caste" Lalu.
Decoding a tweet by Anand Ranganathan to Manish Tewari that has got people’s head spinning
Manish Tewari puts his foot in his mouth
Seems like the C-word will soon go mainstream and cease being an abuse.
Congress disrespects Japanese PM Abe Shinzo, reduces him to "electioneering" in Gujarat
In March, 2016, he had claimed recently rescued Father Thomas Uzhannali was crucified.

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