Topic: MCD elections

For the AAP, troubles just seem to have begun.
Many on Twitter started bad mouthing the veteran activist after he pointed out fault with AAP
The BJP has swept the elections to all three civic bodies in Delhi with a thumping two-third majority.
AAP supremo believes that his party just can't lose the MCD elections, unless there is foul play.
Was it an innocuous political comment or did it hint at something more
Kejriwal has made various allegations against the SEC regarding EVM's
God Bless AAP leaders for always providing timely comic relief.
BJP has called the whole thing a planned conspiracy as Kumar had earlier come uninvited to a party meet.
AAP and BJP have started a poster war against each other. See who is winning.
The MCD elections would take place on 23rd April 2017
State election commission has asked authorities to remove the word Aam from names of various schemes.

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