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Meerut police

Haroon poses as Rohit to trap Hindu woman, threatens with obscene video and forces to convert to Islam: FIR registered in Meerut

Meerut Police booked Haroon for posing as Rohit to lure Hindu girl into relationship and forcing her to convert to Islam

How Md Zubair and RJ Sayema tried to peddle false Muslim angle after a man was beaten at NAS college, Meerut Police bust propaganda

Congress, Islamists and media houses spread fake news claming a Muslim man was beaten up in Meerut college for wearing skull cap.

Meerut: Scuffle breaks out during swearing-in ceremony as AIMIM councillors refuse to stand up during ‘Vande Mataram’

A scuffle broke out between AIMIM and BJP councillors in Meerut after the former refused to sing Vande Mataram during the swearing-in ceremony

‘Journalist’ Ali Sohrab spreads fake news of a South African tourist robbed of her belongings after an accident in Meerut to defame India

Contrary to allegations by Ali Sohrab, the Meerut Police refuted the claims of South African tourist being robbed after her accident.

Meerut: Hindu youths attacked by Shahzad and his associates for seeking donations for Holika Dahan, stones pelted in Brahmpuri

Communal violence between Hindus and Muslims erupted in Meerut, UP after Muslims mocked two Hindu men seeking donations for the ceremony by comparing it to begging

Ruhal and Adnan insult the national anthem, as video goes viral, sparking outrage, Meerut police arrest one

In the video, the national anthem is playing in the background. The youth can be seen mocking the national anthem in the 29-second clip.

UP: FIR against SRK fans for attacking Yogi Adityanath, Sadhavi Prachi, and others with morphed pictures from the ‘Besharam Rang’ song

Shah Rukh Khan fans attacked Yogi Adityanath, Sadhavi Prachi by sharing morphed versions of their pictures online.

YouTuber Farmani Naaz’s family runs an iron theft syndicate, Meerut police arrest 8 including brother Armaan, search on for father and brother-in-law

The brother of YouTuber Farmani Naaz has been arrested for operating an iron theft syndicate. Her father and brother-in-law are absconding.

Mass conversion racket busted in Meerut: Christian evangelists lure 400 Hindus to convert, remove idols and threaten against performing puja

Christian missionaries allegedly forced, lured and coerced vulnerable Hindus into conversion in Meerut in UP

‘Mand Buddhi’ Mohammad Shoaib urinates on Shivling in Meerut, arrested after CCTV footage goes viral

A video showing a man named Mohammad Shoiab urinating on the Shivling in a Mahadev temple in Meerut has gone viral

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