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Did you receive a ‘Sample Testing Message’ emergency alert on your phone: Read why you got it and what it means

Indians have been receiving test emergency messages on the mobile devices since August.

Congress leader sends obscene and vulgar messages to woman on social media, deactivates Twitter account after admitting to it

Retd Lt CDR Gokul, a Congress leader, took to Twitter to admit that he had sent vulgar messages to girl on social media.

‘Can I be your bf’, ‘will you marry me’: Bijnor teacher Mohd Arshad arrested for sending obscene messages to students

Veera Engineering College, where Mohd Arshad taught, is owned by family of Ruchi Veera, former MLA and BSP leader

While WhatsApp alleges ‘privacy violation’ against new IT rules, here is why they are important to catch criminals behind serious crimes

Messaging apps like WhatsApp needed to reveal origin of only those messages related to serious crimes with 5 years of jail term

WhatsApp testing shorter time for automatically disappearing messages: Report

Disappearing messages on WhatsApp stay for seven days. soon the users may select shorter time frame

After a global outcry, WhatsApp issues clarification, delays enforcement of updated privacy policy: Read full details

The WhatsApp privacy policy update invited backlash after the app said it reserved the right to share some user data with Facebook.

Signal stock increases 1100% after Elon Musk recommended it over WhatsApp privacy changes. The only problem? It’s not the Signal stock: Details

Elon Musk had urged his followers to use Signal messaging app, which is developed by non-profit organisation Sigla Foundation

Viral video: How the family of a Hindu woman thrashed a Muslim man harassing her, and why the police arrested them all

The Hindu woman from Karnataka sweet-talked the Muslim youth into meeting her to teach him a lesson

As Muslims trend #EidMubarak1441H to wish Eid, here is what 1441H means according to the Islamic calendar

Not just Shashi Tharoor, many people posting Eid greetings on Twitter used the term 1441H, and some people were seen asking what does this mean.

In video message, PM Modi asks citizens for 9 minutes on 5th April at 9 PM: Here is what he wants us to do

Prime Minister Modi in a video message announced that on 5th April, the nation has to come together to show their grit and collective strength.

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