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‘Will replace your face with AI’: Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga slams actor Adil Hussain for saying he regrets acting in ‘misogynist’ Kabir Singh

Adil Hussain, who played the Dean of the College in Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's starrer Kabir Singh, has expressed regret for appearing in what he called a misogynist movie

‘Least expected from a party that says Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’: Saina Nehwal slams Congress leader for his sexist ‘kitchen’ jibe at BJP...

Saina Nehwal posted, "When I won medals for Bharat on the play field what would the Congress party have preferred I should have done?"

‘Only knows how to cook in the kitchen’: Karnataka Congress MLA goes on a misogynist tirade against female BJP candidate

"The old man doesn't know how much women have progressed, he doesn't know the love with which all women cook at home for men, children and elders," Gayathri Siddeshwara emphasised.

‘We see people convert to Islam, but nobody converts to Hinduism’: Director Vanga reveals why Bobby Deol’s character in Animal is Muslim

A lot of so-called liberals, pseudo-seculars and Islamists have taken offence at the filmmaker for depicting Bobby Deol's character's religion in his movie 'Animal' as 'Muslim'

Tamil media channels slammed for moral policing, shaming women in a case of revenge against a Chennai pub

Local Tamil media channels hounded women and moral policed them for their choice of clothes and visiting a pub, videos of which have gone viral on social media.

‘I take back my words’: Nitish Kumar pulls out after ejaculating vulgar statement inside Bihar assembly

Nitish Kumar apologised for his vulgar remarks in the Assembly. The Bihar CM stated that he is taking back his words

‘When will you get married?’ Farooq Abdullah’s touching, mocking, and sexist behaviour towards a woman journalist

In a video, Farooq Abdullah could be seen asking objectionable questions to a young female reporter

Pakistan: Youtuber Nadir Ali dubs Priyanka Chopra as ‘maid’, ‘black salt’, makes lewd remarks about the ‘bust size’ of Ameesha Patel

During the podcast, Nadir Ali asked Rana to name a film personality, who looked 'Bhayanak (ugly)' without makeup.

‘Auraton ki bodies jitni dhaki huyi hongi, utni better hai’: Salman Khan defends ‘no low neckline’ rule in his movie sets

I think the bodies of women are way more precious, so the more they are covered, the better it is, Salman Khan told Rajat Sharma

Frustrated Congressis target Smriti Irani again with sexual innuendos, the Amethi loss of now disqualified MP Rahul Gandhi still hurts

The frustration is from the fact that Smriti Irani won Amethi. Not just win it, but won it after defeating Rahul Gandhi, something Congressis are still salty about.

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