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After John Allen Chau risked the lives of the isolated Sentinelese tribe in the Andamans, another American missionary has now risked the lives of people from an isolated tribe in Brazil
RIMS’ spokesperson Richard James said as per FPJ, “There have been about 264 cases in the state during 15 years of BJP rule in the state.
Delhi High Court was hearing a case where a doctor's OCI was cancelled by authorities claiming that he was carrying out evangelical, medical missionary and conversion activities.
The Jacobite Church intends to gather 1 Lakh women for the protest against Sabarimala which is nothing but an orchestrated act against Hindus.
On Saturday, the organisation registered a complaint with the District Magistrate and requested that religious conversions by Christian missionaries be stopped.
The probe into the financial transactions of the NGO is being conducted as a part of the investigation in the sexual abuse case involving the NGO.
Thus, we see that Christian missionaries have a clear critique of Hinduism based on their religious scriptures. To us, it appears bigotry but to them, it's the commandment of their God
The NGO, Good News India was running the shelter home illegally, the NGO has 22 shelter homes in the state.
John Allen Chau wanted to 'establish the Kingdom of Jesus on the island'.
The Indian government needs to do something urgently to put an end to the menace of Christian evangelism and safeguard the nation from the perils of demographic instability.
The Sentinelese have been on the radar of Christian Missionaries for a while now.
“I have been so nice to them, why are they so angry and so aggressive?” Christian Missionary John Allen Chau wrote in his notes
Seven fishermen who took Chau to the island were arrested under the Prohibition of Aboriginal Tribes Act and various sections of the IPC.
Gist of the matter is this: one of the organizations which were involved in the publishing of the report received significant donations from Christian organizations based abroad.
The police statement came a day after the woman confessed to having sold three children and giving away the fourth for free
With no data or specific cases mentioned to link any Veda Pathshala to child trafficking
We can't let them be protected by the veil of secularism
It is being reported that the arrested pastor is a resident of Muzaffarnagar.
Ashish Dhar has also composed numerous songs on various political issues in the past.
Nepal was hit by a massive Earthquake, causing huge damages. Christian Missionaries took no time to propagate Gospel and Jesus.
Christian missionaries lure babas to join them, after which babas preach the gospel and message of Jesus Christ to their Hindu followers.

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