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The grave issue of cow smuggling seems to be a worry for our neighbours in Bangladesh as well
Last week, the Police had arrested one Prashant Natt for allegedly killing Inspector Subodh Singh in Bulandshahr violence.
OpIndia goes to the Bulandshahr and talks to the local villagers to try and find out more about what happened.
Earlier, a mob running an illegal cow slaughterhouse had attacked a journalist
Agnivesh's portrayal as some sort of 'sincere Hindu scholar', must be vehemently questioned
The BBC story was picked up and shared by many 'liberal' media persons.
The mob was supposedly protesting against the Kathua rape case
The women are currently undergoing treatment at a hospital
Violence in Gujarat over Padmavat: Hardik, Karni in action and CM Rupani's inaction.
She has alleged that the police were in cahoots with these smugglers
A curfew was also imposed in parts of the city from Friday
The mob comprised friends and supporters of suspected cattle smuggler Wahid Shaikh and Raju Shaikh.
You might be strongly inclined to believe so, but it isn't satire.
The incident happened in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Police is trying to identify the attackers.
Man is getting repeated death threats after converting to Hinduism
In both cases, petty fights were blown into communal clashes and police had to be deployed.
The situation continues to be tense in the area, which saw Muslim mobs go on rampage after a Facebook post.
The AAP leading propaganda news portal has violated a rule that attracts up to 6 months of imprisonment.
Basirhat in West Bengal is boiling for the past couple of days after a Facebook post offended Muslims
Tehseen Poonawala, brother in law of Robert Vadra, wrongly claimed on Twitter that his driver was lynched by a mob.
They may not be directly sponsored or conceived by the party, but read why such narratives help the Congress.
The crowd even reportedly fired at the police station
An unfortunate incident of lynching in Jharkhand was given communal colour by the Huffington Post.
The hypocrisy over the Brexit results continues, with more contrived arguments
Dear Liberals, we understand your feeling of hurt and disappointment over the Brexit result.
In Malda, thousands (or lakhs) of people attacked Hindu places of worship, police stations, buses, cars, but our "liberal" media defended the event by calling them "protesters".

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