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Uttar Pradesh: Qasim burns Rajbali’s house after a little boy’s ball hit his foot while playing, three cows sustain wounds while victim family escapes...

A Hindu family's residence in Uttar Pradesh's Basti district was burned by a Muslim man named Qasim after a child hit him with a ball while playing

UP: Afifullah had sex with a girl promising marriage and then forced her to convert to Islam, he and his sisters beat the victim...

Afifullah sexually assaulted a Hindu girl from Lucknow under the garb of marriage and then pressured her to embrace Islam.

Love Jihad in Bihar: Armaan Ali lured minor Hindu girl, forcefully converted to Islam, assaulted the victim after marriage before leaving her

Armaan Ali tricked a minor Hindu girl in a relationship and then began to assault her after marriage.

Ghaziabad: Tailor Shahid Hussain kills his wife by stabbing her in the neck with scissors for refusing to give money to eat chicken fries

Shahid Hussain stabbed his wife with a scissor over arguments after she refused money for chicken fries and then ordered the same for herself

Love Jihad in UP: Furqan Ali poses as Sultan Singh to entrap a Dalit girl and hold her captive; arrested

Furqan Ali, a mason from Sambhal, posed as Sultan Singh to lure a Dalit girl into an affair and assaulted her after marriage.

Noida: Tanveer Ahmed harasses his Hindu classmate, attacks her and her family members with his friends and issues death threats, arrested

Tanveer Ahmed and his associates attacked his Hindu classmate and her family members in Noida.

Love Jihad in UP: Haroon rapes a Hindu girl after entrapping her in an affair under false pretences; arrested

A man named Haroon assumed a Hindu identity to entrap a Hindu girl and subsequently raped her.

Love Jihad in MP: Shahnawaz Khan repeatedly rapes a 20-year-old Hindu girl, forces her to convert when she asks for marriage

Shahnawaz Khan repeatedly raped a Hindu girl and told her to convert when she asked for marriage.

Haryana: Mukeen raped and murdered a 7-year-old girl in Nuh, sentenced to life in prison after a 3-year-long trial. Read details

Mukeen alias Mukki murdered a 7-year-old girl in December 2019 after rape in Nuh district of Mewat, Haryana.

Love Jihad in UP: Irshad Ali pretends to be Ishwar to marry a Hindu girl, assaults her and forces her to embrace Islam

Irshad Ali pretended to be Ishwar to marry a Hindu girl in Lucknow and beat her to convert after marriage.

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