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Nupur Sharma

Threats to Nupur Sharma once again show how ‘Indian Muslim genocide alert’ is a smokescreen created to hide the ugly truth

It is routine for Islamists and left liberals to perpetuate the myth that Muslims face a threat in India.

Times Group’s duplicity: Economic Times publishes memes mocking Shivling, Times Now deletes video that ‘hurt Muslim sentiments’

Times Group decided to delete the 'offending video' and tried to distance themselves from the controversy instead of standing by the freedom of expression of their guest.

‘Having an opinion on Prophet Muhammad is not derogatory, FoE is not blasphemy’: Madras HC’s historic verdict from 2019

History has it that any type of depiction of Prophet Muhammad has always drawn fierce pushback from Islamists around the world

Twitter spaces conducted by Islamists making open calls to murder BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma: Here is a snippet

Nupur Sharma has been at the receiving end of Islamist ire after AltNews co-founder unleashed his troll army on her

Self-proclaimed journalists, including Rana Ayyub, Rohini Singh, dog-whistle against Nupur Sharma, deliberately endanger her life in the name of ‘blasphemy’

Islamists, the alleged 'fact-checkers', self-proclaimed journalists descended on her timeline to unleash trolls, who wasted no time in issuing death and rape threats to the BJP leader for making comments that are 'blasphemous'.

BJP National Spokesperson gets multiple death threats after Alt News co-founder unleashes Islamists on her

There were multiple tweets threatening her, some even calling for her beheading after Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair shared her video with a twisted commentary

Support pours in for OpIndia editor in chief Nupur J Sharma after she was forced to leave West Bengal by Mamata regime

The note posted by the OpIndia editor-in-chief Nupur J Sharma garnered overwhelming support from hordes of supporters.

‘It happens, part of the course’: India Today journalist normalises heckling, harassment of her colleague by ‘farmer protestors’

India Today journalist Preeti Choudhry normalises the mob harassment and heckling that AajTak anchor Chitra Tripathi faced at Muzaffarnagar Kisan Mahapanchayat.

Supreme Court stays the 4th FIR against OpIndia by the vindictive Bengal Government: Details

Nupur J Sharma, the editor-in-chief of OpIndia and Rahul Roushan, the CEO were summoned for interrogation by the CID on a Friday earlier this month.

Live: Watch Nupur J Sharma talk to Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami in a tell-all interview

Arnab Goswami in a tell-all interview with Nupur J Sharma

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