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Sanatan is not Dharma, perpetuates patriarchy and inequality: After Udhayanidhi Stalin, CPI leader goes on vitriolic rant against Hinduism

"Dharma is something else...Yes he (Udhayanidhi Stalin) said something...We are all opposed to Sanatan," D Raja brazened it out.

TMC MP Mahua Moitra defends her ‘hara*i’ comment, says criticising her behaviour is ‘patriarchy’

"BJP is saying how can I use such a word being woman, do I need to be a man to be able to give it back as good as it gets? So there's patriarchy," Mahua said.

Viral video of kids urinating on photo of Nupur Sharma: What it tells us about patriarchy and the prevalence of rape culture

Apart from the "crime of blasphemy", Nupur has committed another crime, against patriarchy, to be born a woman in a highly patriarchal society.

Kejriwal’s ‘free money’ to ’empower women’ only plays to the patriarchal prejudice against women who are already fighting various battles

If you listen closely Kejriwal's speech while announcing the free money, you can see how it is so deeply rooted in patriarchy, the very system women across India and world are fighting day in and day out.

Actor Yami Gautam calls out sexism by India Today, asks why movie reviews should leave out the names of female actors

Yami Gautam took to Twitter on September 10 to call out the media house for dropping the names of female actors from the headline of the review of ‘Bhoot Police’.

As certain as sunset: ‘Feminists’ once again malign Raksha Bandhan as Hindus celebrate sibling love

Despite all the anti-Hindu propaganda, unapologetic Hindus celebrated Raksha Bandhan with both zeal and vigour.

Is your home constantly set to a ‘sexist’ temperature? Ivanka Trump’s hair vs AOC’s hair: Meet the person The Guardian pays to write such...

Her columns have made Arwa Mahdawi a joke on the internet and a lot of people are having fun at her expense.

Tanishq controversy: Secularism takes a bizarre turn as smashing patriarchy takes a backseat

Secularism vs Patriarchy: Social media user slams Hindu neighbors for not cooking for them as men in the house don't cook

We will stand by you to ‘smash the patriarchy’, only if u hate Modi: Bollywood ‘liberals’ and their glaring hypocrisy

Bollywood 'liberals' will do themselves a favour if they just own up and accept that they're just as hypocritical as the ones they seem to be opposing.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres links Coronavirus crisis to patriarchy, condemns nationalism and populism

Antonio Guterres also appears intent on using the crisis to implement broad based revolutionary policies to completely restructure human society

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