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Petrol pump

Madhya Pradesh: Petrol pump sealed by Jabalpur administration after a judge was billed for 7 litres extra

The Judge received a bill for 57 litres although the fuel tank capacity of car is only 50 litres, after that, the petrol pump was sealed

Uttar Pradesh: Illegal petrol pump of SP MLA Shahjil Islam demolished after he threatened Yogi Adityanath saying ‘our guns will fire’

Petrol pump built by SP MLA Shahjil Islam demolished by UP govt as it was built without taking required approvals

Delhi petrol dealers say their sales have decreased by 50% as people refuel vehicles in neighbouring states, asks Arvind Kejriwal to cut VAT

Delhi-Petrol Dealers Association president writes to Delhi govt asking to cut VAT on fuel, saying their sales have decreased due to higher prices

Surat: Two men throw burning firecrackers at petrol pump, one Mohammad Irfan Qureshi arrested

A major tragedy was averted because of presence of mind of one of the staff members, who immediately pushed the cracker away from the pipe.

Petroleum company files complaint against comedian Shyam Rangeela for his video mocking fuel price hike

Following the complaint, Shyam Rangeela posted another video on Twitter where he explains the entire fiasco

Petrol pump workers express disappointment at people mocking Team India’s orange jersey likening it to pump attendant uniform

Petrol pump workers express great pride that Team India's Away jersey has colours similar to their uniform colour scheme.

Muslim mob vandalises petrol pump, beat up staffers because some were getting late for Namaz and didn’t want to wait in queue

The scuffle broke out when the pillion rider on a bike slapped a pump staffer when he was asked to get back in the queue and wait for his turn. The riders allegedly kicked the staffers and called for help to attack the petrol pump.

Two-year-old dies as vehicle gets stuck in Bihar’s Bharat Bandh

The girl was reportedly ill and was being rushed to hospital by her parents

Did the govt threaten to stop supply of petroleum if the PM’s photo is not displayed in petrol pumps?

In all, this report by The Hindu certainly raises serious suspicions over the authenticity of the purported diktat by the Modi govt

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