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Karnataka Congress uses a photograph of Akhil Iyer without consent for its “40% Sarkara” campaign, the actor to take legal action

'I am appalled to see that my face is being used illegally and without my consent for "40% Sarkara" campaign of Congress', actor Akhil Iyer wrote

Indore: Landlord Yakoob Mansoori threatens tenant Mohammed Yusuf Khan asking him to remove PM Modi’s photo from the walls of his house

It is notable to mention that besides PM Modi's photo, Mohammed Yusuf Khan's house also has photos of MK Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Chhath Puja ends with ‘Arghya’ to the rising sun: Check out these great visuals of celebrations around the country

Netizens share photos of Chhath Puja rituals on its closing day from across the country where devotees worship the rising sun

Trolls attack PM Modi for standing while Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was sitting, here is how they’re being ignorant

Trolls and Congressis slam PM Modi for keep standing in front of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who was sitting due to health issues

Retired Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim shares first photograph on Instagram two years after leaving the industry

Zaira Wasim posted an image of a woman on a bridge, presumably her, on October 5 on Instagram, 2 years after quitting Bollywood

A week after Amrullah Saleh issued a video message, the Taliban capture the library in Panjshir where the video was shot

Photo a Talib brandishing a rifle in front of a bookshelf has appeared, the same bookshelf seen behind Amrullah Saleh a week ago in a video

Danish Siddiqui was identified as an Indian by Taliban, dragged out of a mosque, beaten and executed, body mutilated: Read details

Danish Siddiqui's brutal murder has been whitewashed by the mainstream media and US State Department. He was beaten, riddled with bullets and his body was mutilated by Taliban after they confirmed his identity as an Indian journalist working for Reuters.

Exploring the fine line of tragedy coverage in photojournalism: Who will decide where to draw the line?

Ethics is photojournalism stand on a very fine line. The moment you cross it, the photograph may become a tragedy of the lifetime.

Fake farmers, staged rural life: Read how China created a fake town in Xiapu for photo enthusiasts to capture their dream images

Organisers and local villagers in Xiapo create the perfect 'rural China' settings for hundreds of tourists to take photographs

Are they giants? The story behind a photo of POTUS and FLOTUS that baffled the internet

A distorted photo of US president and first lady with former president and former first lady due to wide angle lens and strong flash

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