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prashant kishor

KCR and his national ambitions: How and why he thinks he is showing the way

How does anyone trust KCR? His U-turns on issues and people are now legendary. His vitriol, especially on the BJP and its leaders, has isolated him from a lot of apolitical folks in the state.

Poll strategist Prashant Kishor hints at floating his own political outfit after rejecting Congress’ offer

Celebrity poll strategist Prashant Kishor said he was starting a new chapter of his political career from Bihar.

As reports of Rahul Gandhi absconding emerge, Congress loyalist journalist Vir Sanghvi says Gandhi-scion should take a sabbatical and do PhD instead

The left-liberals, who saw Prashant Kishor as a 'guardian angle' who could give rebirth to the Congress party, want Rahul Gandhi to quit politics.

Prashant Kishor responsible for party’s ‘humiliating’ loss in Goa elections, alleges TMC state chief as he resigns

Kiran Kandolkar claimed that Prashant Kishor had come to blackmail Congress and eventually helped the BJP.

Rahul Gandhi gone abroad again, remains ‘unreachable’ as deal with Prashant Kishor fails: Reports

India Today reported that Rahul Gandhi had left for a foreign destination about a week ago while leaving the Congress party in a state of political turmoil.

Did Prashant Kishor just refuse to be Gandhis’ scapegoat for the 2024 Lok Sabha loss?

Declining the offer, Prashant Kishor said, "I declined the generous offer of #congress to join the party as part of the EAG & take responsibility for the elections."

Disgruntled Navjot Singh Sidhu posts selfie with ‘old friend’ Prashant Kishor hours after poll strategist rejected Congress’ offer to join party

Sidhu was asked to resign from the post of Punjab Congress chief after the 2022 state assembly elections where Aam Aadmi Party won the elections.

Poll strategist Prashant Kishor rejects Congress’ offer to join party after giving 600 slide presentation on how to revive it

Days after giving suggestions to Congress on how to stop itself from vanishing into oblivion, Prashant Kishor rejected party's offer to join it officially.

Comedians, influencers, and ‘ideologically inclined news portals’: Digital ‘master plan’ of Prashant Kishor to push Congress to victory in 2024

Prashant Kishor has previously worked with Congress on the disastrous campaign in UP in 2017, and with Punjab Congress before abandoning them ahead of their electoral drubbing

Entitlement, sycophancy, posts for Gandhis, demand to report directly to Sonia Gandhi: Prashant Kishor gives suggestions for Congress’ revival

Poll strategist Prashant Kishor, whom the Congress Party is eyeing to help it emerge from political oblivion, has asked the Congress leadership to elect a non-Gandhi as the party president

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