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prashant kishor

Prashant Kishor says internal survey shows BJP win, hails PM Modi, admits TMC’s Muslim appeasement politics: Here is everything he said on Clubhouse

"Major problem that we have to accept is that there have been efforts for the last 20 years to appease the minorities," said Prashant Kishor

Lutyens journalist speaking ‘truth to the power’ by discussing Mamata Banerjee’s toilet routine

An embarrassed Prashant Kishor jokingly asked the Lutyens journalist, "Am I expected to answer this also?"

Repositioning of Mamata Banerjee from ‘didi’ to ‘beti’: Prashant Kishor reveals why they changed strategy to play the victim card

Prashant Kishor reveals that the tactic to reposition Mamata Banerjee 'beti' from 'did' as was "well thought out" election strategy

Step aside, ‘Kaun Jaat Ho’, Prashant Kishor’s new toolkit is all about ‘Gotra’

In a political landscape where caste politics play bigger roles than development, there is a new entrant: Gotra

Mamata losing Nandigram, says leaked image of Prashant Kishor’s internal survey, TMC cries foul

Last week, various opinion polls had suggested that the BJP has fair chance of forming government in West Bengal and Banerjee is set to lose Nandigram.

Prashant Kishore vows to quit job as ‘election strategist’ if BJP crosses 100 seats in Bengal. Here is what he said

Speaking to Indian Express, Prashant Kishore has asserted again that the BJP will struggle to cross 100 seats mark.

‘Let’s see what the voters will think’: Here is why TMC sees an opportunity where others see a meme

On the 10th of March, Mamata Banerjee alleged that she had been attacked. The CM alleged four-five people deliberately pushed her, after which she fell down and suffered an injury on her leg.

Prashant Kishor and temple runs: When ‘product’ is hard to sell, the ‘political strategist’ invokes their Hindu card

Prashant Kishor's politician clients resort to asserting their Hindu identity ahead of elections

Ahead of Punjab Assembly Elections in 2022, CM Amarinder Singh ropes in Prashant Kishor

Four years after helping the Congress party come to power in Punjab, Prashant Kishor is returning to the state

Prashant Kishor’s I-PAC controls social media accounts several TMC leaders, most of them are not even aware of their existence: Report

Social media accounts of several TMC leaders were created by I-PAC after 2019 general elections, and the organisation controls the accounts

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