Wednesday, April 14, 2021


rajiv gandhi

Ram Madhav renews BJP’s commitment to punish people responsible for the 1984 Sikh genocide

NDA has taken steps and ‘will do its best’ to render justice to each and every family that has suffered in the genocide.

Dear Rahul Gandhi, why in God’s name should I repose my trust in you?

'This ordinary citizen of India considers you the least likely candidate for the top job'

Amnesty India, Trust chaired by Sonia Gandhi under govt scanner for alleged FCRA violations

In total about 42 organisations are under the scanner for alleged FCRA violations

8 sharp attacks launched by Narendra Modi against the Nehru-Gandhi family in his Lok Sabha speech

The Prime Minister turned on the heat against the Nehru-Gandhi family in the Lok Sabha today

Narendra Modi : Liberator of 8 crore Muslim women

The liberated women are coming

Of Rahul Gandhi and Aurangzeb – A striking similarity of Dynasties

We live in interesting times to be able to witness the farce

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