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Former RAW officer opens up on Congress government never allowed the agencies to work aggressively against Pakistan
All over the world, the terrorist attacks by radical Islamists is immediately served with long and extensive excuses about how social ills, discrimination, poverty, hardships, and atrocities lead to terrorism.
Many countries like America, Russia, China et cetera have prepared themselves to counter the perception war by creating Special Forces of social media warriors.
Complainant Satish Sana has claimed that he has paid over Rs 3 crores to the CBI special director since last year.
What is it about Pakistan's deep state that enamours so many politicians? 
Indian agencies avert major terror attack by infiltrating an Islamic State operation
He was denied visa to visit India for the launch of his book citing 'national security' as reason.
Indians have certain things to learn from the transformation of the man.
The entire exercise lacked credibility on Pakistan's part
What is the story of Kulbushan Jadav who has been awarded the death sentence by the Pakistan authorities
Will Narendra Modi act on this super-intelligent analysis?
RAW, in association with security agencies of Israel, had finalized a plan to kill Dawood Ibrahim in 2013, but the plan was aborted.

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