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Geert Wilders, among rare public figures who supported Nupur Sharma against the ‘blasphemy’ allegations, wins massive victory in Dutch Parliament elections

Conservative politician Geert Wilders' party PVV set to become largest political party in the parliament of Netherlands, exit polls show.

‘Why support Adani Group just because ‘liberals’ are attacking it?’ The question has right-wing divided on Twitter

While Congress and Left have been visceral in their attack against Adani, the entire saga has the right wing divided.

Twitter blocks user for Tom and Jerry GIF, then suspends for cat GIF available on its own platform: Will Elon Musk be able to...

Earlier this year, popular fact-check handle @BefittingFacts was suspended citing 'violation' of Twitter rules. Other popular handles like The Skin Doctor and The Angry Lord have also faced suspension from Twitter for alleged policy violations.

Saurav Dutt’s new book ‘Modi and Me’ studies Narendra Modi led India’s fight against anti-India and anti-Hindu forces, an excerpt by the author

Author Saurav Dutt writes an excerpt of his new book 'Modi and Me', on the resurgence of Hindutva to defeat global Hinduphobia

‘We only censor the Right but not the Left, nobody liked capitalist Musk taking over’: Twitter engineer admits in viral video

Siru Murugesan informed that his Leftist colleagues hated the idea of a Twitter takeover by 'capitalist' Elon Musk.

Twitter arbitrarily suspends popular Right Wing accounts over alleged ‘violations’

Twitter continues to have its pro-leftist and pro-Islamist bias as those accounts get away scot-free despite series of abusive tweets and doxxing of individuals, putting those who do not agree with them in danger.

Are Hindus wasting time on the Hijab row? Here is a better use of our time

Is the RW wasting time on the Hijab controversy? A corollary to this question is, is it BJP’s job to reform Muslim social practices?

“Rayta” vs “Trad”: The power of disunity and how liberals bent to forces beyond their control

The “trad” vs “rayta” debate should go mainstream, and occupy the center of the political discourse. Move over, liberals and watch from the sidelines.

Alec Baldwin blames ‘right-wing hate’ for ‘misinformation’ about the ‘Rust’ shooting, compares hate against him to Capitol Hill siege

Alec Baldwin suggested that the delay in investigation is due to the fact that he lived in New York while the incident took place in New Mexico

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