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Sanatan Dharma

Someone with ‘Ram’ in his name asked people to keep quiet when Sanatan Dharma was insulted: Rohan Gupta who left Congress and joined BJP

After joining BJP, Rohan Gupta also took a swipe at the opposition bloc I.N.D.I.A., saying that the alliance named after the country consists of 'antinational elements'.

Stalin, who gave genocidal calls against Hindus, cites case of Nupur Sharma, threatened by Islamsits, to get FIRs clubbed, SC rejects: What happened

To get FIRs clubbed, Udhayanidhi Stalin, who gave genocidal calls against Hindus, audaciously compared his case to that of Nupur Sharma, who received death, rape and beheading threats from Islamists for quoting Islamic Hadiths on Prophet Muhammad

As Rahul Gandhi says he is ‘fighting against Shakti’ while referring to Hinduism, know the importance of Shakti in Sanatan Dharma

Shakti is the central figure in Hinduism and the derogatory statement made by Rahul Gandhi about her has transformed him from an awkward, lousy and gaffe-prone communicator to an outspoken adversary of Hinduism

Uttar Pradesh: Professor Ehsan Ahmed does ‘ghar wapsi’ and embraces Sanatan Dharma, changes his name to Anit Pandit

The professor noted that he did 'ghar wapsi' to Hinduism after reading about the religion. He is a devotee of Lord Hanuman.

Bageshwar Dham’s Pandit Dhirendra Shastri launches his book ‘Sanatan Dharma Kya Hai’ in New Delhi

Shastri explained that six months ago he completed the book in five days when he was in the southern state with the inspiration received from Lord Hanuman. He added that the book doesn’t compare it with others. 

Tamil Nadu, whose leaders want to eradicate Sanatan Dharma, give ‘communal harmony’ award to fake news peddler and Islamist Mohammad Zubair: Details

The award recognises AltNews co-founder Mohammad Zubair efforts to 'avoid the escalation of violence' caused by fake news. 

Sringeri Math calls out false-propaganda: Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji has expressed no displeasure over Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya

The official release stressed that it was false propaganda by the ill-wishers of Sanatan Dharma and urged all Astikas (devotees) to only rely on information released through Math’s official platforms.

Some were lured into Christianity, some left Islam saying ‘it’s a baby-making factory’: Read about the 50 cases of Ghar Wapsi that OpIndia covered...

The stories of Ghar Wapsi underscore the resilience and enduring faith of those who choose to return to Hinduism.

Ram Mandir, Sanatan Dharma, and the shallow discourse: Unraveling ‘historian’ Ramachandra Guha and ‘journalist’ Karan Thapar’s limited grasp of Hindu way

Karan Thapar's interview with Ramchandra Guha exposed flawed perspective of the left about Sanatan Dharma and Hindus

Uttar Pradesh: Muslim woman adopts Sanatan Dharma to escape triple talaq, nikah halala in Bareilly, family was forcing her into marriage

Bareilly teacher Neha Asmat converted to Hinduism and became Neha Singh to escape triple talaq and nikah halala.

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