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‘Can’t criticize Islam in Kerala’: Author C Ravichandran on being called Sanghi, says he has been criticising Sangh and Hindutva for a long time

C Ravichandran said that he has been criticising Sangh and Hindutva for a long time, but he was called Sanghi for criticising Islam

‘145 days to go’: Congress’ message on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘container yatra’ shows that their ‘Idea of India’ does not include you

Congress shared image of burning pants with caption how they want to 'free country from shackles of hate' and how step by step they will 'reach the goal' - within 145 days.

Don’t teach Narendra Modi about Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s legacy because he IS that legacy

The "liberals" shouldn't worry about driving a wedge there because they won’t find any.

How the propaganda against RSS falls flat on its face

Identify the agenda they have and identify the mistruths they spread.

‘Pranab Mukherjee attending RSS event will create undesirable difference in the country’ : Congress’ Veerapa Moily

This statement comes after several Congress leaders already stated their grievance with Mukherjee via letters and phone calls.

Former President of India Pranab Mukherjee to address RSS cadre at Nagpur

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and Pranab Mukherjee are known to share a cordial relationship.

Some of the colourful statements made by Congress against JDS, their newly minted political ally

Congress has been criticising JDS all through the election campaign, Siddaramaiah has a deep-rooted rivalry with HD Kumaraswamy

‘We know how to deal with such elements’ AMU students union on invitation to President Kovind

Students' Union is protesting extending an invitation to a person with 'Sanghi' mindset

The left exposes its own hypocrisy by opposing BJP’s legal notice to Ram Guha

The left conveniently ignores the same principles, which it claims to stand by, in this case.

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