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‘145 days to go’: Congress’ message on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘container yatra’ shows that their ‘Idea of India’ does not include you

Congress shared image of burning pants with caption how they want to 'free country from shackles of hate' and how step by step they will 'reach the goal' - within 145 days.

As nation mourns the demise of Lata Mangeshkar, liberals celebrate the death of the legend, call her a ‘fascist’ and a ‘vile sanghi’

As the nation mourned the death, liberals took to Twitter to claim Lata Mangeshkar deserved no sympathy as she was a 'Sanghi'.

The Wire columnist based in Ahmedabad wants ‘Sanghis’ to be locked up in Nazi-like camps, tortured

@NarovaKunjarova is a columnist for The Wire. The person behind the account is Parth Pandya and he has since then deleted the tweet.

Liberals and Congress supporters fantasize about sending Hindus to Nazi like camps once Modi is no longer PM, justify using rape as political tool

Liberals and Congress supporters on social media are fantasizing about sending Hindus to concentration camps.

Hazaar laanat redux: ‘Liberals’ get furious at ‘right wing’ and ‘Sanghis’ after Afghanistan falls to Taliban

These are also the same people who had attacked the 'right wing' after Taliban killed Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, who came to prominence recently over funeral pyre pictures amid second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Clubhouse promotes ‘social media star’ involved in Sanghi hate sex scandal, Manoj Bajpayee to participate in announced talk

Manoj Bajpayee will participate in a Clubhouse discussion on Sunday with Janice Sequeira, who was involved in Sanghi hate sex scandal.

The ‘Om Shanti’ vs ‘RIP’ debate: How it is symbolic of a cultural shift and liberals are powerless to stop it

According to liberal, the expression 'Om Shanti' is symbolic of the rising 'Hindutva fascism' in the country.

The ‘Sanghi propaganda’ trope on abduction and conversion of Sikh girls to Islam. Here is how this online tirade is an omen of impending...

Some propagandists masquerading as 'farmer supporters' on social media are trying to brush under the carpet the abduction and forced religious conversions of Sikh girls in Jammu and Kashmir by terming it "Sanghi Propaganda"

Sikhs abused for highlighting abduction and religious conversion to Islam in Kashmir, fractures appear in ‘Sikh-Muslim unity’ project

Tensions are rife in Kashmir after two Sikh girls were allegedly kidnapped and converted to Islam recently.

Young women speak up against ‘hate sex’ and the conspiracy of silence against sexual targeting of ‘Sanghi’ women

A Clubhouse discussion had gone viral where liberal participants expressed their desire to have 'hate sex' with Sanghis.

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