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The critical role of education not only makes it desirable for education to be affordable, especially in India, but also requires a decent quality of the education being provided to students.
Government officially grants the permission to induct girls in Sainik Schools
Earlier, the DoE had issued a circular on September 11 seeking voter id and Aadhar details of parents of all the students.
In 2015, 54 schools were selected to be developed into 'Model Schools' and Rs. 250 crores were allocated for the same.
This decision was announced at the International Virat Gurukul Sammelan
The state education minister even took potshots at them
He has also called the Rod of Asclepius symbol un-Islamic
They have also announced that Saturday would be a no bag no book day
The painting had many flowers, but was removed as school was being used as polling booth in Uttar Pradesh.
A complaint has been filed against the headmaster and physical education teacher
The MP in the past had also introduced a private members bill
The clerics were unhappy to note that the girl was reading the Gita instead of the Koran
Reports also claimed that she was given rape and death threats
The teachers also reportedly tried to force the students to convert to Islam
Misplaced and prejudiced priorities of the mainstream Indian media was never so obvious.
One of the accused was the girl's classmate and the other was his friend.
Local mob of Islamic groups broke into a school and celebrated birthday of Prophet Mohammad.
Students fear that their careers are at risk due to excessive political and media focus on their school.
An effort to redeem our children's education
How a District Magistrate reinstated lost social status of a widow in Gopalganj district of Bihar
The laws and practices of India show that "secularism" followed in India is a farce.
For your tomorrow, we gave our today -
Yoga could be India's chance to a "receiver" of students
I often meet people who feel that speaking English makes you more intellectual than speaking Hindi

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