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Statue of Belief, the world’s tallest Shiva statue to be unveiled in Nathdwara of Rajasthan, to be visible from 20 kilometres away

The Shiva statue is named as Vishwas Swaroopam or the 'Statue of Belief', and was conceived by Mr. Madan Paliwal.

Jai Shri Ram Sena objects as YouTuber Sahil Khan insults Hindus by making half-nude bar dancers dance on Shiva Bhajan

In the story by Sahil Khan, 2 half-naked girls are dancing in a disco bar, with a Shiva bhajan playing in the background.

‘This is haram in Islam, Sharia does not allow this’: Deoband cleric slams Indian Idol singer Farmani Naaz for Shambhu Mahadeva song

Islamic cleric says YouTube singer Farmani Naaz singing popular Shiva bhajan is 'haram' in Islam and she should seek forgiveness from Allah.

Assam: Actor takes money to dress as Lord Shiva and protest against Modi govt in street play, arrested after complaint filed

Assam: Actor arrested after he have a blatantly political speech against Modi govt while in the role of Lord Shiva

Amritsar: Miscreants dressed as Nihang Sikhs damage Shiva idol at Jagran, Hindu organizations demand action

Miscreants dressed as Nihang Sikhs damaged Hindu idols in Amritsar in Punjab, caught in CCTV

‘Intellectual terrorists and champions of human rights destroyed the diversity of Kashmir’: Vivek Agnihotri at Harvard Club of Boston

At Harvard Club of Boston, Vivek Agnihotri called out the duplicity of intellectuals who championed human rights while destroying the diversity of Jammu and Kashmir

‘Lord Shiva had swallowed the entire universe’: Janeu-Dhari Rahul Gandhi misquotes Hindu scriptures after saying he has read the Upanishads

Rahul Gandhi said that like Shiva had swallowed the universe, once crystallised, Congress ideology will swallow BJP ideology

When ‘Ravan’ Arvind Trivedi blessed me

'Ravan' Arvind Trivedi and I recited first stanza of Shiv Tandav Stotra as Narendra Modi looked at us. Arvind Trivedi then put his hand on my hand and blessed me.

Former cricketer Venkatesh Prasad sings verses from Rudrashtakam on first Monday of Shravan, wins hearts

Venkatesh Prasad won hearts on social media with his video reciting Rudrashtakam, verses composed in praise of Shiva.

Hyderabad: Instagram content creators remove Hinduphobic videos after outrage, had said God Shiva castrated himself

Two Instagram content creators could be seen making extremely derogatory comments on God Shiva in a viral video.

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