Saturday, September 18, 2021


shivraj singh chouhan

The Madhya Pradesh by-polls signal fresh trouble for the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi

Scindia as a possible CM candidate doesn't look as appealing anymore

Vyapam: Congress leader K K Mishra sentenced to 2 years jail in Shivraj Chouhan defamation case

Congress spokesperson had accused Singh and his wife to use influence to recruit transport inspectors.

Congress victory in Chitrakoot – not quite ‘winds of change’ in Madhya Pradesh

Congress retained the assembly seat, but does it mean any warning bells for the ruling BJP in the state?

Mandsaur protests – what led to the current mess in Madhya Pradesh

The farmers protests in Madhya Pradesh has become violent and now Rahul Gandhi has jumped in the issue.

Why SC must reconsider and take VYAPAM case out of Madhya Pradesh

Due to various factors, the judicial process must move out of Madhya Pradesh to ensure that justice is served.

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