Topic: Sustainable Development

Accepting the award Goyal stated that it was “Both a personal honour and a tribute to the efforts of all involved in this great work throughout India to be recognised with the Carnot Prize by the University of Pennsylvania.”
National waterways provide a logistically efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of transport
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been receiving accolades from across the globe for his commitment to global peace and sustainable development
'Champions of the Earth' is an annually awarded to recognise outstanding environmental leaders for their positive impact on the environment. 
I wonder what Punya Prasun Bajpai is thinking today, with Ayushman Bharat being rolled out for 500 million people.
The aviation sector has decided to test the feasibility of using cheaper and cleaner fuels to minimize the operation costs
BJP spokesperson said that Yogi has not only visited all districts, but also spent days in some of them
India's energy sector has seen tremendous growth in last five years, notably in clean energy initiatives.
The expedition was by car and the excitement had just begun…..The Road to New India lay ahead.
UNEP Executive Director has lauded India's efforts in tackling the global menace.

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