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Taslima Nasreen

Rubika Liyaquat, Taslima Nasreen and more: Muslim women who have been vigorously opposing the regressive practice of burqa

While the left-liberals are passionately defending hijab, some prominent Muslim women have been vigorously opposing the regressive practice

Facebook declares Taslima Nasreen dead twice in two days, memorialised her account due to targeted cyber-attack

Taslima Nasreen was labeled "dead" by Facebook for the second time in two days, in what appears to be a concerted cyberattack.

Taslima Nasreen is disappointed after Malala married a Pakistani guy instead of a ‘handsome progressive Englishman’

Taslima Nasreen was shocked Malala chose to marry a Pakistani man and not a handsome and progressive Englishman

‘Prophet Mohammed destroyed 360 idols at Kaaba, his followers are now following him’: Taslima Nasreen on attacks against Bangladeshi Hindus

Taslima Nasreen also said that Bangladeshi Muslims are only of two kinds, 'Jihadi' and 'pro Jihadi'.

‘Moeen Ali would have joined ISIS if not for cricket’: Taslima Nasreen’s social media post sparks outrage

Taslima Nasreen created quite a controversy after claiming that Moeen Ali would have joined ISIS if not for cricket.

A R Rahman’s daughter Khatija continues to mock Taslima Nasreen over burqa remark, another daughter Raheema joins the party

On Monday, Khatija was joined by her sister Raheema, who also took to Instagram to mock Nasreen for her unsolicited advice on Khatija's burqa.

A R Rahman’s daughter Khatija Rahman says burqa empowers her after Taslima Nasreen finds it depressing and suffocating

After Taslima Nasrin criticises A R Rahman’s daughter Khatija Rahman for wearing Burqa, Khatija responds saying it empowers her

Shekhar Gupta’s The Print publishes abominable lies by Taslima Nasreen about Hindu temples

Taslima lies about Hindu temples that don't allow women

Taslima Nasreen blames Shekhar Gupta’s portal for twisting her words on Hindu extremism

An article on Gupta’s ‘The Print’ had virtually equated Hindus with ISIS, and credited it to Taslima.

‘Anti-Pakistan’ event at Kolkata cancelled to preserve ‘communal harmony’

According to organisers, Kolkata Police put pressure on the hosts to cancel the event.

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