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Temple destroyed

‘Illegal temple’ demolished in Navsari, here is how the government has failed to remove illegal religious structures including mazars from railway platforms

In July 2021, while answering to a question in Rajya Sabha, the railway minister cited 'law and order problem' while explaining difficulties in removing illegal religious structures on railway platforms.

Chetan + Shut Up = Chup: Read how Chetan Bhagat gives bizarre ‘Mosples’ suggestion, cites Hagia Sophia to talk about mythical ‘conjoined past’

Talking about 'conjoined past' of Hindus and Muslims in India, Chetan Bhagat suggested Mosque+Temple hybrid structures called 'Mosples'

Kanpur: Pakistani national sold Ram Janki temple land to Mukhtar Baba who razed it, converted it to ‘Baba Biryani’, action initiated under Enemy Property Act

Mukhtar Baba demolished the Ram Janki temple in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and erected a non-veg restaurant named Baba Biryani on the temple site

Alwar: Muslim group files case against Congress, alleges party incited unrest using temple demolition drive

Former Congress leader Sahoon filed a complaint that the Congress MLA was responsible for demolition and the local Muslims had nothing to do with it.

Rajasthan: Locals in Alwar in tears after losing their homes and an ancient temple in a demolition drive, have been without meals for four days

Rajgarh officials bulldozed the homes of around 85 Hindu households as well as a historic Hindu temple as part of a 'road-widening' drive.

Amidst Navratri, Hindu temple vandalised with idols of deities shattered into pieces in Jammu, was attacked two times in recent past

As per accounts, idols of deities were vandalised and shattered into pieces in the temple in Sidhra area of Jammu.

Assam: Hindus reclaim worshipping rights in Mahadevtilla, reinstall Shivling at site desecrated by Christian miscreants

Hindus in Mahadevtilla, Assam re-erect Shivling and plant a new Banyan tree sapling at the same place of worship which some Christians miscreants had vandalised recently.

Assam: Christian miscreants uproot Shivling and Trishul, cut down century-old sacred Banyan tree worshipped by Hindus

A 100-year-old Banyan tree was cut and a Shivling placed under it uprooted and desecrated by Khasi Christians in Assam.

Controversy erupts after district administration in Mysuru razes Hindu Temple: Here’s all we know so far

The demolition of a Hindu temple in Mysuru has sparked a controversy pitting the state government against the district administration.

Uttar Pradesh: 5 Hindu women seek right to worship Hindu Gods inside Gyanvapi mosque that used to be Kashi Vishwanath temple

The five Hindu women have filed a petition in court seeking orders to restore their worshipping rights in old Kashi Vishwanath temple that was converted to Gyanvapi Mosque.

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