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Is there more to the threat by P Chidambaram to The Print journalist than what meets the eye? 
Earlier, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had threatened to purge the RSS workers from government offices
Chandrababu Naidu threatened the BJP lawmakers and said that he would not allow them to 'move freely' in Andhra Pradesh if they continue to defend the Modi government
CM Kumaraswamy stood in the defence of tourism minister Sa.Ra Mahesh asserting that the police officer 'disrespected the minister' leading to such incidents. He also said that 'disrespecting the state tourism minister is equal to disrespecting the CM'.
Sangameshwarwa was caught on camera threatening a forest official for objecting to the construction of a temple in the forest land
In the video, the man and women accompanying him, can be heard using abusive language and even threatening the couple.
It is very common for so-called liberals to go after the livelihood of those who disagree with them.
Perhaps the flagbearers of freedom of speech only like to speak their minds, but don't like to listen to what is on others' minds.
In 2016, too, another Muslim man was harassed by Muslim community for participating in Kanwar Yatra

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