Sunday, February 28, 2021



Delhi Police arrests 2 men who were plotting to assassinate Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit against payment

Sukhvinder Singh and Lakhan said they were paid Rs 10 lakh each by one Prince to kill Kashmiri activist Sushil Pandit

Banned for ‘blasphemy’ and accused to leading people to deviate from Islam, “Zindagi Tamasha” will represent Pakistan at Oscars

The makers of the movie Zindagi Tamasha had received a barrage of death threats and photos of decapitated heads for making a movie deemed as blasphemous by the fundamentalists

‘Madam Chief Minister’ poster row: Bhim Sena threatens to cut off Richa Chadha’s tongue, actress apologises for poster

The poster of 'Madam Chief Minister' showed Richa Chadha holding a broom. Many have called it an offensive stereotyping of the Dalit community.

Watch: ‘Farmer leader’ threatens to blow up RSS headquarters in Nagpur and kill Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Arn Banker said, if the (Modi) government orders to fire bullets on farmers, the jawans will rebel against the governments.

‘Possible that people inside your home will respond to your crime’: Iran issues threats, says US President Donald Trump ‘not safe on Earth’

Tensions between the US and Iran flared up after Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and ordered sanctions against the Islamic country.

‘You backstab us after eating food grown by us, I will chop you’, hooligan ‘farmer’ threatens a man for supporting farm laws, video goes...

The police informed that a complaint has been filed by the anti-Farm Law protesters against Amit Kumar, who supports the farm laws

‘Will pile up corpses’: Congress MP close to Rahul Gandhi warns of violence if demands of ‘farmers’ not met, hints at ‘plan’ after Jan...

Congress leader and MP Ravneet Bittu Singh issued open threats of violence in a bid to 'transform' the nature of 'farmer' protest

‘People from Muslim community are threatening to kill me: Qasim receives death threats after voluntarily converting to Hinduism

28-year-old Muslim man by the name of Qasim Khan has been receiving death threats after he decided to convert to Hinduism

US President Donald Trump threatens Iran with retaliation after US embassy in Baghdad attacked with rockets

The attacks come at a time when tensions are growing tensions between the United States and Iran amidst the last days of Trump’s presidency.

One Fahim Pakistani threatens Bareilly judge with murder, UP Police registers case: Here is what happened

The Bareilly Judge was asked to grant bail to a criminal named Chunnilal, who was jailed in a corruption case

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