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Twitter blinks, restores Kashmiri journalist Aarti Tikoo’s account after locking her for raising alarm over death threats to her brother

Twitter informed the lawyer of Aarti Tikoo that her account has been restored, and therefore case has become infructuous

‘We will kill you and your family’: Gautam Gambhir receives threat from ISIS Kashmir, approaches police

Gautam Gambhir approached Delhi Police alleging that he received death threat on his official email id from ISIS Kashmir

Srinagar: Hindu student targeted by Islamists, threatening posts identify her as ‘police informer’ after medical college video goes viral

Islamists attack Hindu student for speaking against anti-nationals who raised pro-Pakistan slogans after Pakistan's T20 match win against India.

Congress spokespersons routinely indulge in abusive behaviour on live TV debates but when an anchor slips up all hell breaks loose

Congress leaders launched a concerted attack against Times Now journalist Navika Kumar after she inadvertently said bl**dy in the same sentence as Rahul Gandhi while discussing the Punjab crisis.

Tamil Nadu Congress media in-charge demands OpIndia editors be jailed for talking about 1921 Malabar genocide of Hindus by Moplah Muslims

The Malabar genocide of 1921 by Moplah Muslims was a systematic campaign of Jihad that led to an estimated death of 10,000 Hindus in Kerala.

Pakistan believes New Zealand pulled out over threats from ‘Aunty ki Ghanti’ rapper and ‘mails’ from ID such as pappubh*sadi6

Pakistan minister claimed New Zealand cut short its tour after receiving 'threats' from 'Indians posing as Pakistanis' and sending mails from mail id such as ch*[email protected], lalheeralall*[email protected], pappubh*[email protected], and several others.

Abhishek Banerjee threatens to fight BJP till the ‘last drop of blood’, Mamata Banerjee equates ‘Khela Hobe’ with ‘Vande Mataram’

Mamata Banerjee equated her genocidal election slogan of 'Khela Hobe' with nationalist slogans 'Vande Mataram' and 'Jai Hind'.

British Security agencies warn dissident Pakistani exiles living in Europe as Pakistan prepares a ‘Hit List’

Pakistan has prepared a ‘Hit List’ of exiled Pakistani activists and journalists living in Europe, UK and thee are facing life threats

‘Is your father a mali or chowkidar? I will cancel your license, H*r*m*zade’: Maneka Gandhi threatens vets in viral audios

The Indian Veterinary Association in a letter have condemned the unruly behavior and unparliamentary language used by Maneka Gandhi against animal doctors.

Activist who raised questions about Hemkunt Foundation’s funding and donations faces abuses, death threats

Yuvraj Pokharna, one of the activists who raised questions against Hemkunt Foundation's fundraiser is getting abuses and threats on social media and phone.

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