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Chandrababu Naidu threatened the BJP lawmakers and said that he would not allow them to 'move freely' in Andhra Pradesh if they continue to defend the Modi government
Mehboob also suggested that the move was political. He stated, “The whole world knows about the current position of the BJP, therefore the Modi government took this step.”
Congress minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia can be heard threatening government officials with dismissals if they don't obey their seniors
Alok Sharma said 'you won't be able to count how many go to jail after 2019.'
The letter from Maulvi Abu Sheikh, area commander of LeT was received on September 29 at the office of the railway station manager, Jaipur
The SIT had hit a roadblock accused Parashuram Waghmare had recently refused to confess to the crime before the magistrate.
Urban Naxals, under the garb of activism and Human rights movement has inflicted severe damage on India's developmental story.
It is very common for so-called liberals to go after the livelihood of those who disagree with them.
Self-proclaimed champions of 'freedom of expression' have successfully bullied a questioning voice into silence
Eventually, Sisodia left the Janta Darbar in middle of the hearing.
The Rohingya Muslims may be used by anti-national forces to create security issues in the country
What next? Congress Prime Ministerial candidate to speak on 'artificial intelligence'?
While the police are still verifying the authenticity of the letter, security has been reportedly intensified in the state
Anyone who doesn't agree with their ideology gets threatened, alleges activist
This is not the first time a journalist cheered when a right wing woman was harassed.
This might be notoriety of few anti-social elements, but police is not taking any chances.
Radia is believed to have secured favours for corporates using journalists as power brokers.
The relationship between the AAP government and the Bureaucracy has deteriorated
The instance is an example of how the leftists and so-called liberals become apologists of Islamists.
Vibhor Anand had moved Election Commission but now he wants the petition withdrawn
Dalit leader Jigesh Mevani hasn't yet launched any agitation against this matter
She has alleged that her family members have now threatened to kill her
Even though our report was based on Mumbai Mirror report, Tehseen targets OpIndia.
The troll had issued death threats and rape threats on Twitter earlier, for which he was even arrested by the police.

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