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Suchana Seth, Bengaluru CEO who killed her son, was arrested because of a traffic jam on the Goa-Bangalore highway: What the cab driver told

The cab driver who cleverly took the cab to a police station narrates how Suchana declined his offer to go to airport, and how a 4-hour traffic jam eventually resulted in her arrest.

Uttar Pradesh: Yogi Adityanath govt cancels pending traffic challans from the year 2017 to 2021

"It is notable that farmers in Noida were protesting for the cancellation of such challans. This move paves the way for the waiver of crores of challans across Uttar Pradesh," added the statement.

Bengaluru: Residents of Frazer Town ask BBMP to shut down ‘Ramzan Food Mela’, cite traffic congestion, garbage pileup

During Ramzan, stalls selling kebabs and biriyani prop up each evening on Mosque Road in Frazer Town.

Threatened by ex-girlfriend, man uses Bengaluru traffic to run away from his newlywed bride

The couple was stuck in a traffic jam the next day of the wedding after visiting a Church. The man, who was sitting in the front seat, ran away while the car was stuck in a jam

Bengaluru man who threw currency notes from flyover booked and detained, here is why he did it

Arun V threw currency notes from a flyover in Bengaluru and uploaded the videos on social media for publicity

Uttarakhand: Mohammad Nizam, Naseem, Ashraf and 5 others arrested for offering Namaz in a public place by blocking road

The incident is said to have happened in Shivalik Nagar in Haridwar's Ranipura area during the weekly market. The eight accused men gathered in the main market area on the evening of July 21 and offered Namaz in unison, causing disruption to traffic.

France: When politicians and Mayor of a suburb sang the national anthem to protest against street Namaz

Residents in Gurugram have also been protesting against the practice of blocking public spaces and roads for the Friday namaz.

Another video of ‘Lucknow traffic girl’ goes viral, seen threatening neighbours over wall colour and International drones: Watch

In this video, the girl says that the black wall of her neighbour is attracting international drones in the colony.

Watch: Drunk girl sits, sleeps, rolls on the road in Pune, video viral

The young woman, visibly drunk, was seen rolling on the road near Hirabaug at around 11 pm on Tuesday.

Blocked roads, shut shops, water scarcity: Delhiites suffer due to farmer protests while the state govt welcomes the protesters

Several roads connecting Delhi with nearby states have been blocked by police due to farmer protests, increasing traffic on other ones

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