Wednesday, September 22, 2021



Another video of ‘Lucknow traffic girl’ goes viral, seen threatening neighbours over wall colour and International drones: Watch

In this video, the girl says that the black wall of her neighbour is attracting international drones in the colony.

Watch: Drunk girl sits, sleeps, rolls on the road in Pune, video viral

The young woman, visibly drunk, was seen rolling on the road near Hirabaug at around 11 pm on Tuesday.

Blocked roads, shut shops, water scarcity: Delhiites suffer due to farmer protests while the state govt welcomes the protesters

Several roads connecting Delhi with nearby states have been blocked by police due to farmer protests, increasing traffic on other ones

Watch: This Pune aunty scolding bikers riding on footpath is winning the Internet

A middle-aged lady is seen standing on the pavement and stopping the bikers from riding on footpath in Pune

Supreme Court postpones hearing on petition over Shaheen Bagh roadblock, says it does not want to influence elections

The Supreme court will be hearing a plea against Shaheen Bagh protests only on February 10, after Delhi Elections.

Falsely accused of harassment and molestation by AAP member Jasleen Kaur, Sarvjeet Singh finally acquitted by court

Sarvjeet Singh was accused of passing obscene remarks and harassing Jasleen Kaur, an AAP member at a traffic Signal in Delhi in 2015.

Gadkari has shown a mirror to We-the-Dodgers of traffic rules

There is every reason to applaud the transport minister Nitin Gadkari. He has been vocal on the Motor Vehicles Amendment bill for more than two years

Odd-Even rule makes a comeback in Delhi, pollution had increased when it was enforced for the first time in 2016

In 2016, pollution from vehicles had gone up when odd-even rule was enforced

An iron hand and zero tolerance policy can ease Traffic and Pollution situation easily

A few points on how Traffic can be made to run smoothly in the existing scenario.

Puducherry: Congress CM sits on a dharna demanding Governor Kiran Bedi recalled for trying to enforce ‘helmet rule’

A few days back, Puducherry Governor Kiran Bedi had tried to make helmet wearing mandatory for two-wheeler riders

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